Chastity belt

Become a slave to your partner's sexual desire with a chastity belt. This historical BDSM device is like a prison for your genitals and will make your sex life very exciting by preventing your partner from entering the restricted area! Our chastity belts can be used by both men and women, and come in different materials: steel, silicone, leather, etc. Make your partner wear this chastity device to control them during your medieval games!

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Chastity belts are historical metal toys from the Middle Ages, which many men used to protect the chastity of their women. In this century, the chastity belt is still used as a BDSM accessory for sexual submission games. For men, a chastity belt is a sort of penis cage with a metal ring to be placed behind the testicles with a locked belt. A chastity belt for women looks like a pair of metal underwear. The belt may have other metal or leather components. More discreet models may be worn under your clothes all day with the big metal buckles hidden. Our chastity belts are made with quality materials such as stainless steel or silicone, to ensure the wearer's safety. Chastity belts can also be worn as underwear during BDSM games. That way, your partner's genitals will be hidden in the cage, safe from temptation. To show off your submissive side, hand the key over to your partner, who will make you a slave to their desires in this sexy prison. Some chastity belts can also be locked with padlocks connected to a smartphone. Since the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, this device has evolved and can be worn with other BDSM toys such as a penis plug or electrostimulation device.

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