How to use a penis cage

There's a vast landscape of bedroom gadgets out there, chaps. And while some gain legendary status, there are those unsung heroes that remain a tad underrated, despite being equally tantalising. Taking that leap into unfamiliar territory isn’t a doddle; there are stigmas to shatter and prejudices to push past. One accessory that perfectly embodies this conundrum? The penis cage. It’s intrigued many a bloke, even as it raises a few eyebrows... So, let's embark on a voyage to unlock its potential together, shall we?

Primarily featuring in the tantalising world of domination and submission, the penis cage aims to keep a gentleman's excitement, shall we say, 'in check'. That means restricting one's erection and, by extension, the climax. Our very own LOVE Team thought it pertinent to furnish you lads with all the intel on this intriguing erotic gadget. Dive deeper into this article, and you'll find a trove of advice on how to employ your penis cage safely whilst ensuring the thrill remains very much alive. Cheers to new adventures!

1. Check your cage before beginning

First things first. Your penis cage must be in shipshape condition. Is it pristine? Does it have any rough edges or defects that might cause a bit of a bother? If yours comes equipped with a urethral plug, give it a thorough once-over. As a general rule of thumb, always ensure your adult toy is in tip-top working order before diving in.

2. Sterilise your cage

Keep things hygienic! Eliminate any risk of nasties by giving your penis cage a boiling bath for a solid 10 minutes. Once done, let it cool down on a clean cloth.

3. Put on your cage

Unlock the mechanism and pop the ring at the base of your member, right behind the crown jewels. Slide your penis into its new shiny armour and secure it tightly. If your model includes a urethral plug, remember - a little lubrication goes a long way. Gently slide it into place in the urethra.

4. Enjoy your cage

Now, indulge in the unique sensation of your penis cage for as long as you fancy. Comfort is key – no undue discomfort or pinching should be felt. If anything feels off, don't dawdle; it's best to remove it post-haste.
When the time comes to free your soldier, handle your cage with the utmost care. If yours has a urethral plug, cleanliness can't be stressed enough – ensure your mitts are squeaky clean before you begin.

5. Clean your cage

Post-playtime, treat your cage to a warm soapy bath, ensuring you leave no nook or cranny unattended. Sterilise it as per point two and let it air dry.

6. Store your cage

Last but not least, store your penis cage in a spick-and-span, dry environment, away from direct sunlight. A box or a fabric pouch will offer protection against any accidental knocks and bumps.
Gents, our sincerest wish for you is to have a top-notch and safe intimate experience. Always remember, the LOVE Team is on standby for any advice or clarity you might need. Happy exploring and keep it dapper!