Clear Electro-Stimulation Penis Chastity Cage

Clear Electro-Stimulation Penis Chastity Cage

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  • Very intense sensations!
  • A cage for your erections
  • Perfect for your submission fantasies
  • Wired remote control
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Mon 20 September
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  • Diameter : 1.50 in
  • Battery Operated

With our Clear Electro-Stimulation Penis Chastity Cage, your partner can safely lock your cock away and hide the key.

Made of PVC, this unique toy will encase your flaccid member to let your partner control the pleasure. This delicious form of submission will increase your excitement and arousal.

This toy comes with 4 differently-sized diameters, which will snugly hug your testicles and remain steadily in place thanks to the sturdy padlock. Just don’t lose the key!

To increase the excitement, this chastity cage features an electro-stimulation function. Using the compact remote control, your partner can send gentle currents of electricity to your helpless cock. 

The Chastity Cage: A Classic SandM Toy

This sadomasochistic sex toy will definitely be a new experience for men who are looking to exploring the steamy world of BDSM play. How does it work? Simply slide your flaccid penis into the cage and shut it away so that it cannot feel any external stimulation. In this way, the wearer can only experience sexual gratification when his sexual partner allows him to. The very act of patiently waiting for your partner to turn you on will make sex all the more exciting and enjoyable, guaranteeing you a super-strong orgasm. Frustration and patience can make for incredibly sensual BDSM play.

Electro-Stimulation: Pleasure in Pain

Electro-stimulation toys send a light electrical current to the skin of the toy wearer. This surprising sensation is slightly painful but incredibly pleasurable. Those seeking new sensations will be turned on by this unique kind of stimulation. Electro-stimulation toys are perfect for sex toy fans who have grown tired of regular features like vibrations and rotations. This new kind of stimulation will let you explore unknown avenues of sexual bliss, letting you get to know your body better than before.

User’s Guide

This chastity cage is meant to be used with a flaccid penis. This way, the penis will enter the cage more easily.

First select a cock ring that adapted to your desires and the diameter of your penis and testicles. This toy comes with four different rings, of varying widths: 1.5 inch, 1.75 inch, and 2 inches. Just slide the two white rods into the corresponding holes on the ring, pushing them in as deeply as possible.

Insert your testicles into the rigid cock ring.

Glide your penis into the rigid penis sleeve until the previously mentioned white rods are able to clip on the penis sleeve. Make sure that the two flexible black pieces are in the right position inside of the sleeve. The two black ends must be sticking out of the holes.

Place the golden lock into the hole in the central white rod on the base of the toy and hide the keys.

The cable linked to the remote control has two plugs on one end and only one on the other end. The single plug should be inserted into the remote control while the dual plugs go into the black end sticking out of the holes in the penis sleeve.

It is important that you insert your penis into the sleeve before switching on the electro-stimulation function. The current will only work if both of the captors are in contact with your skin.

Once you’re ready to use your toy, you can switch it on:

  1. Insert 2 AAA batteries into the remote control.
  2. Press the ON button. The number “15” should appear on the screen. This is the maximum number of the minutes recommended for your electro-stimulation session. Press the ON button again to see the different programmes.
  3. Press the MODE button to scroll through the different programmes.
  4. Press the S/P button to adjust the speed and/or power of the electro-stimulation function. Use the OFF button, which is located on the left-hand side under the Speed button. Press the S/P button again to adjust the power: press the ON button located to the right of the Power button. You’ll see a new bar appear each time that you press the ON button to adjust the speed or power.

The toy will automatically shut off after 15 minutes of use.

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