LOVE AND VIBES contact-free stimulators

Posted on 8 January 2021 by Amandine
LOVE AND VIBES contact-free stimulators
Many of you on our social media accounts have cited the Womanizer brand as a favourite for your solo clit play. But did you know that LOVE AND VIBES offers innovative and affordable alternative contract-free stimulators? Now you can get off without breaking the bank!

How do they work?

This inventive technology stimulates the clitoris without any direct contact thanks to the air-pulsing action. The sensations will make you lose your mind! You'll feel waves of pleasure up your clitoris as you quickly alternate between suction and pressure. Your excitement will boil over when you experience orgasms like no other!

Why should you try them out?

If you're interested in sublime pleasure, or you're just curious! You'll be intrigued by these fun-looking toys, which will give you multiple orgasms. They offer powerful pleasure with gentle stimulation. These ultra-soft toys are the perfect fit for women who have sensitive lady parts. 

How do you use them?

Get into a comfortable position. While these toys are designed for solo pleasure, you may want to play with them in front of your partner (the more the merrier). Gently spread your labia apart to reveal your clitoris. You can then place the hollow nozzle (made of hypoallergenic silicone) on top of it. Explore the different power modes and enjoy the ride!

Customise your pleasure

Your contact-free stimulator may have other features for even more pleasure. Let's take a look at the different models available:

  • Contact-free stimulator: stimulates the clitoris
  • Contact-free stimulator + vibrator: stimulates the clitoris with the toy's nozzle with a shaft for vaginal penetration
  • Inside/out: the curved shape of the sex toy can be used for simultaneous vaginal penetration and clit stimulation!


For the price! You can take home a stimulator for as low as £39.90. For the fun and original design of the products, which you won't find anywhere else. But above all for the choice, with a wide range of products with different features that will adapt to all of your desires.

Our top 7 contact-free stimulators

Addie stimulator

ADDIE the Pocket format
Contact-free stimulator

  • Simple and cute design
  • Soft and flexible nozzle for your comfort
  • Designed for small clits
  • 10 speeds, from gentle to absolutely wild

Vibee girl stimulator

VIBEE GIRL the Must-Have
Contact-free stimulator + vibrator

  • 19 clitoris stimulation modes
  • 15 penetration speeds
  • Soft silicone
  • Chic design
  • Nozzle removable for cleaning

Charming stimulator


  • Beautiful design
  • 9 clitoris stimulation modes
  • 9 penetration intensity modes
  • Flat nozzle for vulva massage
  • Ultra-feminine

Jodie stimulator

Elegant JODIE

  • Whisper-quiet
  • Elegant design
  • Comfortable texture
  • Very soft nozzle
  • Ribbed shaft
  • 10 clitoris stimulation modes
  • 10 penetration intensity modes
  • G-spot stimulation

Gray stimulator

Mister GRAY and his remote control

  • Super cool design
  • Flexible
  • Ribbed for penetration
  • G-spot stimulation
  • Larger nozzle
  • Wireless remote control for partner play

Darling stimulator

The soft DARLING

  • Designed for sensitive clits
  • Whisper-quiet
  • Ribbed for penetration
  • 10 clit stimulation modes
  • 10 penetration intensity modes
  • Chic and elegant design

Fox stimulator

The original FOX
Stimulator + vibrator

  • Fun design
  • 3 very intense clit stimulation modes
  • 10 stimulation intensity modes
  • Large nozzle
  • Cute pastel colour
  • Curved design for g-spot stimulation

No matter which toy you pick out, it will be the right choice! 
Until next time,

Wishing you an orgasmic evening.