7 types of foreplay that you’ve never tried before

Posted on 1 December 2021 by Natalia
7 types of foreplay that you’ve never tried before

It's wintertime and your libido may be a little bit low. Today we're going to give you some ideas for foreplay to heat things up in the bedroom and spice up your sex life.

Before we begin, let's review what foreplay is. Engaging in foreplay will prepare both you and your partner for sex. Foreplays consists in all of the little things that help build desire and sexual excitement, so that both of you experience more pleasure during the main event. While you've probably already experimented with oral sex, here are 7 kinds of foreplay that you may have never tried before:

1 - Create a hot playlist

There's nothing like stimulating all of your senses during foreplay, including your hearing! Create a playlist of all of the music that gets you in the mood. Play your list in the background to create a sexy atmosphere. Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On" is definitely a classic, but there are thousands of romantic, and more rhythmic songs to choose from for your sensual evening for two.

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If you're feeling lazy, there are plenty of ready-made sexy playlists available online

2 - Text your lover

Also known as sexting, this type of foreplay can be a very effective erotic game, as the distance between you and your partner will only heighten your desire, making the moment that you meet up absolutely explosive! There is nothing simpler than sexting. Send your partner what you would like him or her to do to you or a picture of yourself wearing something silky and skimpy.

Hot Tip
Be creative! Use your imagination to stoke your partner's desire

3 - Read an erotic book together

Rather than watching an X-rated movie (which can be a bit creepy), why not try erotic literature? It's a great way to get your imagination going and will give you both ideas for your next romp.

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Since the publication of 50 Shades of Grey, it's easier than ever to find erotic books

4 - Buy yourself some lingerie

This tip is especially meant for women. Men are visual beings. They react a lot to what they see. So there is nothing more exciting than seeing your lover's body covered with lace or fishnet. You'll see for yourself how excited your partner gets.

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5 - Try your hand at an erotic massage

A romantic rubdown will slowly increase the desire between you and your partner thanks to the sensual skin-to-skin contact. You can start in a more neutral area such as the shoulders and then slowly work your way down to your partner's chest, stomach, bottom or crotch. Erotic massages are a great way to titillate all the erogenous zones of your partner's body.

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Don't forget to use massage oil for even more pleasure

6 - Masturbate in front of your partner

On top of being a great way to increase the desire, masturbating in front of your partner can be a great way to improve your sex life by showing your lover exactly what excites you.

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Don't be afraid to really go for it, your partner will love it!

7 - Use a sex toy

How about introducing a sex toy into your foreplay session? There are sex toys for all tastes and needs, and they are becoming more and more popular. The right sex toy will increase your sexual pleasure and the intensity of your orgasm!

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