How to use an anal spreader

This how-to guide from the LOVE Team will help you get started with the super-satisfying world of anal spreading. Though it may seem intimidating, with our help, you’ll experience an incredibly memorable intimate experience.

An anal spreader is designed to gradually stretch the anus, whether you’re preparing for anal play or to give your partner a unique view of your most private area.

We recommend that beginners start with a smaller model and gradually work their way up to a spreader with a larger diameter.

Read on to learn how to best enjoy your new anal spreader!

1. Relax

Begin by relaxing, perhaps with a warm bath or some deep breathing exercises. Foreplay is also a good way to ease yourself into the experience.

2. Get your spreader ready


Clean and sterilise the anal spreader by plunging it into boiling water for 10 minutes. Let it air-dry and apply some lube to the spreader. Opt for a silicone-based lube, as it will last longer and be more effective than a water-based lube. However, if your spreader is made of silicone, do not use a silicone lube as it could damage your toy.

3. Get yourself into a comfortable position

  • If you’re alone, lie on your back and lift and spread your legs. That way, you can control the insertion of the spreader perfectly. You can also lie on your side and bend one leg up to reach your anus more easily.
  • If you’re with a partner, get on all fours to give them easy access to your anus. 

Remember, the best position is the one that suits you most, so try various positions to find what makes you feel entirely at ease.

4. Insert your spreader

Insert the spreader gently. Place the end against your anus and relax your muscles, pushing as if you were going to the toilet. Slowly continue pushing the spreader into your anus. If you feel any resistance, take a break. Only start again when you feel ready.

5. Enjoy your spreader

Once you’ve inserted your anal spreader, you can then enjoy the sensations you're about to experience.

  • With a partner, you can explore a new kind of erotic stimulation, strengthening your intimate bond.
  • If you’re flying solo, wear your spreader throughout the day to get used to the new sensations.

Above all, listen to your body and remove the spreader if you feel uncomfortable. Trust yourself and take your time.

6. Remove your spreader

Get back into the same position you were in during insertion—on your back, side, or all fours. Keep the spreader in line with your anus and rectum and pull it out slowly. Use some lube if necessary. Do not rush the process and take the time needed to remove the spreader at your own rhythm.

7. Clean your spreader

After each session, clean your spreader with soap and water to eliminate all bacteria. 

For your hygiene, sterilise the spreader by plunging it into boiling water for 10 minutes (as described in step 2). Let the spreader cool and air-dry.

Lastly, store your spreader in a dry and clean place, away from light and moisture.

LOVE Team Tip
If your anus is still sore after removing the spreader, take a warm bath with Epsom salts. The relaxing properties of the salts will reduce inflammation and soothe the pain.