How to take care of your lingerie

Darlings, who doesn't adore slipping into some sophisticated lingerie that plays up our fabulous features? Whether you're treating yourself or setting the stage for a sultry soirée, keeping that lingerie in tip-top shape is the real secret. Let’s lift the veil on how to lavish love and care on those delicate little numbers.

Washing delicates: it’s all in the technique!

  • Hand Wash: While the thought of hand washing might have you letting out a little groan, believe us, it's the gold standard for your delicates. Embrace cold water, add a touch of a gentle detergent, and treat your lacy wonders with kid gloves. This way, bodysuits, corsets, garter belts, and the like stay looking lush for longer, far from the perils of an overenthusiastic machine cycle.
  • Machine Wash: Alright, for those trusty cotton pieces, give them a whirl in the machine. But remember – keep like colours together and keep things cool with a cycle of 30°C or below. Your delicates will thank you.

Drying delights: natural is best

  • Air-dry: Let's leave the tumble drying for your jeans, shall we? Lay out your delicate items to air-dry, but avoid direct sunlight. They're like us – they prefer a bit of shade!

Storing secrets: where elegance meets practicality

  • Storage nuances: Let’s get organised! Sort those pieces out – bras should be stored flat to maintain their shape. Handle lace with the grace it deserves, no snags allowed! And those stockings? Give them a gentle roll-up, as if you’re preparing them for a chic getaway.
  • Rotation ritual: Keep things fresh and fab by rotating your undies. This not only ensures variety but also helps prevent premature wear. Think of it as giving your favourites a little holiday in between outings.
So there you have it, lovely readers! With a touch of TLC, your lingerie can stay luxurious, just like the first time you fell for them. Go forth and flaunt!