Waterglide Artificial Sperm Lubricant 300 ml

Waterglide Artificial Sperm Lubricant 300 ml
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  • Vaginal Stimulation, Anal Stimulation
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This artificial sperm lubricant has two uses. It lubricates the desired area, for easier and more comfortable penetration and thrusting. On top of that, it perfectly imitates the look and feel of sperm, for a very exciting glide. This is a lube that you’ll love to squirt! 

Artificial sperm lubricant

This clear artificial sperm lubricant perfectly replicates the look of male discharge. This product was made in Europe. The bottle contains 300 ml of artificial sperm lubricant.

Customer reviews
Très convaincant
By Johnny
L'effet sperme est réussi et il lubrifie très bien.