Waterglide, a quality lubricant made in Europe

Waterglide is a German personal lubricant brand with strict quality standards. Waterglide lubricants are water-based and compatible with all sex toys and latex condoms.

Waterglide lubes do not leave any traces on sheets or clothing. They are non-sticky, comfortable to use, and hygienic.

Waterglide lubricants are available in a variety of formulations and are suitable for all users.

Which Waterglide lubricant should I choose?

A classic lube

Waterglide Feel’s classic formulation is fragrance-free, colour-free, and flavourless. This versatile lubricant is ideal for simple sex sessions.

Two lubes for anal pleasure

Waterglide offers two lubricants for anal pleasure:

  • Anal, a high viscosity formulation developed for comfortable anal sex.
  • Anal Relaxation Fluid, to relax the sphincter muscles for pain-free penetration.

Both products are non-greasy and very durable.

A lube for female pleasure

Waterglide Orgasmic Gel is designed to give a woman even more pleasure during sex, stimulating blood flow for better orgasms.

A lube for more glide during lovemaking

Waterglide Natural Feeling has a silky-smooth consistency for a natural feel and silky-smooth glide during penetration.

A lube to really heat things up

Waterglide Warming lubricant delivers a gentle warming sensation to stimulate both you and your partner. By stimulating your blood flow, you’ll be more excited than ever before!

A lube to cool things down

Waterglide Cooling lubricant produces a minty, tingly effect that will cool down your most sensitive areas during your passionate session.

A range of delicious flavoured lubes for more fun in bed

Waterglide’s range of flavoured lube has a tasty treat for everyone: Sweet Strawberry, Vanilla, Fresh Watermelon, Fruity Cherry, and Hot Chocolate. Perfect for a cheeky oral sex session!

A deeply hydrating lube for parched skin

Waterglide Moisturising lube nourishes the skin during lovemaking with its unique hydrating formulation, which contains aloe vera extract.

A natural lube for the conscious consumer

Waterglide Natural Intimate gel is made of 100% natural ingredients for a long-lasting glide. With its panthenol formulation, this lube is designed for the most sensitive of skin.

A lube that looks and feels just like the real thing

Waterglide Artificial Sperm has the same consistency as real sperm. You can use this lube with an ejaculating dildo or to simulate ejaculation for even more realism.

A lube to put a pep in your step

Waterglide Tingle delivers an original tingling sensation right to your most sensitive areas to enhance your sensual experience.

2-in-1 massage gels for the perfect rubdown

You can use these 2-in-1 massage gels to give your partner an erotic massage or during penetrative sex. Choose from two different formulations: Aloe Vera (hydrating for sensitive skins) and Guarana (stimulating and invigorating).

How to clean Waterglide lubricant

  • Sheets and clothes: Clean your laundry in the washing machine with your usual detergent.
  • Body: Waterglide lubricant will easily wash away in the shower.
  • Sex toys: Use a sex toy cleaner or mild soap. Air dry your sex toy and store it in a clean, dry area.