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Electro-stimulation: a unique sex toy

An electro-stimulation sex toy is an erotic toy that diffuses low-frequency electrical impulses to titillate the wearer’s erogenous zones with electrodes. The electrical current will stimulate your nerve endings and muscles to provoke gentle, pleasant sensations.

What are the benefits of using an electro-stimulation sex toy?

For many, the idea of using electricity during sex play may seem strange and frightening. However, this type of stimulation has existed since the 1950s. This technological was first used in a medical context, but soon gained traction in the world of sex toys for couples. Now there is a wide variety of sex toys for men, women and couples available to stimulate your sensitive spots with pure electricity. Electro-stimulation aficionados will attest to the sexy benefits of a bit of electricity in your couple’s sessions.

Ejaculation without physical contact

Using an electro sex toy on a sensitive erogenous zone can be a substitute for physical contact between two partners. Once correctly put in place, the erotic gameswill begin! Your partner can take control the toy to diffuse the stimulation to their liking. Most of our toys come with a handy remote control to adjust the intensity of your session. Your partner won’t even have to touch you to bring you to an absolutely intense orgasm.

New sensations

The electrical impulses diffused by this sex toy for men or women will introduce you to sensations that you’ve never experienced before. This type of sex toy does not emit vibrations, nor does it thrust or rotate (unlike most of the toys in our online boutique). We highly recommend that you experience the steamy benefits of electro-stimulation yourself to unleash the erotic potential of your own body. The orgasms that you’ll achieve will the biggest of your life.

User’s guide for your electro-stimulation sex toy

Are you looking to experience even more pleasure than ever before with the help of an electro-stimulation sex toy? Follow our wise words of advice and set sail for the shores of sensual satisfaction.


To use your sex toy in the absolute best conditions, make yourself comfortable in a calm environment in which you feel at peace. Make sure that there are no distractions around: turn off your phone, lock your doors, and make sure that you’re all alone.

Find the right toy for you

Choose the right toy for you from our wide range of products for both men and women. Anal plug, cock ring, nipple clamps: you’ll definitely find the right toy for your budget and desires.

Place the sex toy against your skin

Your electro-stimulation toy will only work properly if the electrodes are in direct contact with the user’s skin. Before switching on the device, apply the electrodes to the desired areas. You’ll feel the electrical impulses start to work, diffusing pleasure all over your body. While using this device requires the utmost care and attention, the result will be worth it.

Increase the intensity of your experience

As you get used to the feeling of electricity, start to experiment with the intensity of the currents. We do not recommend using this toy at full capacity in the beginning, as the experience might be too intense and painful for a first-time user. Go through the different levels one at a time to truly appreciate the subtle stimulation of pure electrical power.

This toy is not for everyone

To use this toy in the safest conditions possible, we recommend that you read the following warning.

Pregnant women should not use this type of device as it may be harmful to the foetus. Expectant mothers should opt for a different, gentler kind of sex toy.

We recommend that you avoid using the electrodes against injured skin. If your skin is irritated, red, or bruised, it is better to wait until you have fully healed to partake in the electric fun.

If you feel that session is becoming too intense, we highly recommend that you bring the electro-stimulation play to an immediate halt. You should be feeling pure pleasure, never pain.

Electro-stimulation sex toys

We carry a wide range of electro-stimulating sex toys for your pleasure. You’ll find a range of anal plugs, cock rings, or even nipples clamps for your delicious intimate massage sessions.

Nipple and labia clamps

Our nipple and labia sex toys will titillate a woman’s most sensitive erogenous zones with electrical impulses. These toys feature small adjustable clamps that you can apply to your stiff nipples or rosy labia. Your sensitive spots will feel the immediate effects of the gentle electricity on these delicate body parts.

Anal plug

This type of sex toy can be inserted into the anal orifice for enormously satisfying back door pleasure. Every inch of this easily-stimulated area will be titillated and intensely massage by the ergonomic shape of the plug. Our electro-stimulation anal plug diffuses electrical impulses into your anal in a random matter to shake up your secret garden. He’ll love using an electro-stimulation plug for pure prostate stimulation, which will result in a raging orgasm.

Cock ring

An electro-stimulation cock ring is an electric masturbation tool that can be placed at the base of his erection. It diffuses random amounts of electricity to stimulate your shaft. The rubber rings surrounding the cock ring will perfectly hug the contours of your manhood.

The LOVE AND VIBES sex shop regularly adds new intimate products to our collection of electro-stimulation toys. If you need a bit of help in choosing the right toy for you, do not hesitate to contact our customer service team, who will help you in your selection. Choosing an electro-stimulation tool may be daunting, so it is wise to seek all of the advice that is available to you.