Clear Veined-Shaft Penis Sleeve with Ball Loop

Clear Veined-Shaft Penis Sleeve with Ball Loop

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  • Length : 17,00cm
  • Diameter : Adjustable, adapts to all diameters
  • Material : TPR Soft Touch
  • Non-Vibrating

Both your partner and you will love how fantastic intercourse feels when you wear our Clear Veined-Shaft Penis Sleeve with Ball Loop during sex.

Made of flexible TPR, this sleeve comfortably fits over both your manhood and your testicles. You’ll enjoy the gentle pressure the sleeve applies on your most sensitive zones, while your partner will appreciate the feel of the textured shaft during penetration. Your sex life will never be the same!

How Do I Use this Penis Sleeve?

This sleeve fits comfortably over your erect penis, instantly increasing its length and girth. The sleeve will also cause you to feel new and exciting sensations down below during penetrative sex.

First, for increased comfort, apply a generous squirt of high-quality lubricant onto your stiff member. Slide the sleeve onto your penis, making sure that it fits snugly in place. Finish off by placing your testicles inside the lower loop. Once your package is comfortably inside the sleeve, you’ll be ready to the incredibly arousing sensation of sex with a penis sleeve.

Once you’ve finished enjoying your toy, we strongly recommend that you clean it thoroughly, using a suitable sex toy cleaner. Not only will regularly cleaning your toys make them more hygienic and safer to use, it will also extend their longevity. You’ll find a wide selection of toy cleaners in our Lubes, Oils, and Accessories section.

Why Should I Use a Penis Sleeve?

There are several benefits to using a penis sleeve, for the wearer as well as for the wearer’s partner.

Benefits for the Wearer

You’ll discover a new kind of sensual bliss while wearing a penis sleeve during intercourse. Your penis and testicles will fit snugly and comfortably inside the sleeve during thrusting. The sleeve applies a gentle and arousing pressure on your erogenous zones. It also helps strengthen your erections and delay ejaculation.

The transparent nature of this sleeve lets your penis be seen in all of its glory!

Benefits for the Wearer’s Partner

Your partner may now be used to seeing your penis in its natural state – this sleeve will add an element of freshness and surprise to your encounters. Your package will instantly become thicker and longer, making vaginal and anal penetration more exciting.

Introducing a penis sleeve to your sexual routine will let you switch things up, keeping your relationship new. Your partner won’t need to change men to keep things interesting – simply slip on a sleeve and they’ll be more than satisfied.

Our BIG MEN Brand of Penis Extensions and Sleeves

Big Men is our line of penis extensions and sleeves for men who wish to kick things up a notch down below. We have an absolutely staggering selection of different extensions and sleeves to choose from: silicone or TPR, vibrating or classic models, smooth or textured, with bumps or without, etc.  Our products have been designed to stimulate both the wearer and his partner during intercourse. You’ll be sure to find the model that suits your and your partner’s needs! Most of our models are incredibly flexible and adjust to fit any penis size. 

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