Electro-Stimulating Breast Pads

Electro-Stimulating Breast Pads
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Gel lubricant 50 ml and Toy cleaner 20 ml
  • Length : 11,5 x 10 cm
  • Non-Vibrating
  • Wired Remote Control
  • Colour : Pink
  • Material : Silicone
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Give your hard-working chest all of the pleasure that it deserves with our Electro-Stimulating Breast Pads.

This remote control sex toy for women diffuses gentle yet intense electrical currents directly to your breasts, arousing them in a way that you never thought possible.

Just place the two pink pads over your breasts, exposing your nipples. You can then switch on the electricity and enjoy the unique experience.

You can use this toy to increase your pleasure during solo play or other bedroom activities with your partner. 

The Pleasures of Electro-Stimulation

The mammary area is an important erogenous zone for many women. Try arousing your sensitive love buds with a new kind of stimulation. You’ll feel the gentle tingling throughout your entire chest region, increasing your sexual appetite. Add an erotic massage or some tongue action to the mix and you’ll be on cloud nine.

User’s Guide

Before attempting to use the device, plug the four cables into the 2 stimulating pads until they click into place.

  1. Place the two pink stimulating pads over your breasts, so that they fit around your nipples. Note: both pads must be in contact with your skin to switch on.
  2. Hold down the ON button for about 3 seconds. A red light should turn on.
  3. Press the PULSE, NUMB, ABSORB, and AUTO buttons to change programmes.
  4. Press the POWER button to switch off the device.
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