Discreet remote control vibrating panties

Discreet remote control vibrating panties
Discreet remote control vibrating panties 2
Discreet remote control vibrating panties 3
Discreet remote control vibrating panties 4
Discreet remote control vibrating panties 5
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  • Length : 10cm
  • Colour : Purple
  • Diameter : 1 in
  • Material : TPR Soft Touch
  • Vibrating
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These sleek discreet remote control vibrating knickers is the perfect sex toy for experiencing secret pleasure. The panties features a vibrating dildo that you can wear underneath your everyday clothing for vaginal and clitoral pleasure. You or your partner can easily control the vibrations with the simple-to-use wireless remote control. This sex toy offers double stimulation. The vibrating dildo is 3.5 inches long with an attractive and efficient design for maximum vaginal stimulation. It has a 1-inch diameter. The slightly curved head is the perfect shape for intense g-spot stimulation for an incredibly satisfying orgasm. The top part of the vibrating knickers is lined with pleasure nubs that will stimulate your clitoris. You'll love the mind-blowing friction created by the pleasure nubs – you've never experienced clitoral stimulation like this before!

This sex toy's remote control, which works within a distance of 10 meters, makes it easy to explore the 10 different vibration modes, each more pleasurable than the last. You'll love the “fast orgasm” mode, which features all of the most satisfying clit-stimulating programs at the same time. This is truly a must-have toy!

This sex toy for women is reachable with the magnetic USB charger.

Wear these vibrating panties in public

One of the advantages of these discreet remote control vibrating panties is that you can comfortably wear them under your clothing wherever you'd like. This is the perfect sex toy for women to experience unparalleled solo pleasure out in public – an exciting fantasy for many women! Once you've put on the panties, simply turn on this wireless sex toy's remote control (which is so small that you can hide in your pocket). You can also enjoy kinky sex play in public places by handing the remote over to your partner, who will become the master of your pleasure. This is the perfect sex toy to spice up your movie dates, restaurant outings, or even the subway ride home. You'll absolutely adore experiencing this steamy experience with your favourite lover.

Special g-spot knickers

The user-friendly look and appearance of these vibrating knickers have been specially designed to help you achieve a mega-orgasm in a matter of minutes. The vibrating dildo is about 3.5 inches long with a 1-inch diameter. It has a slightly curved tip to stimulate the g-spot for a super-intense climax. It also features pleasure nubs on the end. These vibrating knickers also feature pleasure nubs on the outer areas for even more pleasurable friction. This sex toy for women features 10 vibration modes to choose from. Our favourite feature is its “fast orgasm” mode, a very intense mode that lets you reach the big “0” in record time.

Take care of your vibrating panties

These waterproof panties can be cleaned in water, but we recommend using a special sex toy cleaner for extra hygiene

To make the insertion of the dildo into your vagina more comfortable and pleasurable, don't hesitate to use a personal lubricant. To maximize the effects of the toy, apply a few drops of clitoris stimulant to the vibrating knickers beforehand. You'll very much enjoy the result!



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