I'm single, are you?

Posted on 11 November 2020 by Amandine
I'm single, are you?

What a miracle - it's singles week. According to the Chinese. And you've told me that 56% are that way…single, not Chinese. This article is all about Team Single.

The Google definition: singletons, those who live the single life.

Living the single life. Is it a state or a neighbourhood? I live in platform nine and three-quarters, in Singlesville. And there you have it, the single life. A whole other dimension. With single parameter codes, and full of pitfalls. You have to be armed with courage. It's wartime.

Across enemy lines, you have the oppressors. The "couples, marrieds and not-divorced" types. In general, the enemy pretends to be worried and assaults us with questions: "Doesn't anyone ever flirt with you?" "Don't you want children" "How is your ex Julie doing? You were such a great couple".
Uppercut after uppercut under the pretension of caring! Family, friends, at work, on the radio, your neighbour on the third floor, your bratty little nephew and aunt Janine.
STOP it.
The best reply: "Who wants to see pics from my last date?" The greatest assault on the adversary. The ultimate weapon: freedom. You should know that everyone is envious of you. No need for Gollum to know what is precious. Yes! After all, who is free to "like" as many butts as they want on Instagram? Who can devour all of the Tinder matches they want? Especially when the dishes are so delicious and varied ;-)
But the most intriguing specimen is the fierce singleton, those who hit their targets in solo mode. As we saw on a popular French journalist's Insta story, "This quarantine? I love myself, so it'll be ok!" Self-love. It's the weapon that will help you win the war! Those who prefer the winning combo "a cup of tea, a sex toy, and straight to bed".
Those who have won the ultimate combat in life: falling in love with one's self.
Come as you are. McDonalds may be closed, but we're open all night long.