How to experiment with puppy play

The world of BDSM is vast and varied, bursting with a plethora of practices and role-playing opportunities that allow one and all to dive deep into their wildest desires. Standing out in this intriguing mix is the playful and endearing realm of puppy play. If you've found your curiosity piqued, darling, you're barking up the right tree with this guide!

In this tantalising game, one partner slips into the role of a playful pup, embracing its innocence and antics, while the other steps up as the trainer or owner. Together, they weave a unique dynamic threaded with trust, dominance, and submission. Fancy giving it a go? Stick around, and we'll lead you through it.

1. Prep your puppy play session

As with any saucy BDSM escapade, it's essential to lay down the rules and set your boundaries clearly upfront, ensuring there are no crossed wires or awkward bumps along the way.

  • Set your limits and safeword: Before you embark on this playful journey, have a candid chat with your partner about any no-gos or touchy spots for you both. Nail down these boundaries beforehand to keep things enjoyable and safeguard both of your emotional and physical well-being. And let's not forget about the all-important safeword – an easy-to-remember term you can shout out if ever you need to pause or tweak the play.
  • Pick your roles: The beauty of puppy play lies in the dynamic between the eager-to-please 'Puppy' and the guiding 'Handler' or 'Owner'. The 'Puppy' takes on canine quirks, revelling in playfulness, dependency, and obedience, while the 'Handler/Owner' provides direction, care, and control. Deciding on roles helps to clarify what each partner can expect and how they should behave. Ready to fetch, sit, or maybe even roll over?

2. Choose the right gear for your session

The right kit can truly amplify the dynamic between the 'Puppy' and 'Handler/Owner', giving that extra edge of authenticity to the experience.

  • Harnesses, leashes and collars: Fancy a hint of submission? A harness on the 'Puppy' can do just that, while the leash and collar grant the 'Handler/Owner' the reins, solidifying their dominant stance.
  • Muzzles, ears and tails: Slip into the role with a bit of flair! A muzzle can either offer a hint of mystery, covering parts of the face, or take you deep into the role by covering it entirely. And don’t shy away from the playful puppy ears and tails - they add a dash of realism, turning up the fun dial!
  • Accessories and playthings: Much like a real pup, our role-playing 'Puppy' might be up for a bit of frolic and fun. Keep some toys at hand – balls, faux bones, or other playful trinkets – perfect for a bit of play and perhaps a treat for being a good doggo!

3. Explore different scenarios

Experimenting with puppy play is a lot like theatre – it's all about immersion, performance, and feeling the role. Let's rustle up some ideas, shall we?

Training and obedience: Picture this – just like an eager pup, our 'Puppy' can be trained to follow nifty commands. The 'Handler/Owner', with a confident swagger, could teach basics like 'sit', 'down', or 'come'. This training dance is where the dominance/submission tango really comes to life, with our 'Puppy' learning to heed commands and the 'Handler/Owner' stepping up as the leader.
Games and rewards: Who doesn't like a treat? Reinforce the 'Puppy's' pawsitive behaviour with treats – whether that's a metaphorical bone, a soft stroke, or a cheery 'good dog'! Such incentives will spur on the 'Puppy' and make the game all the more exciting.
The nuances of puppy play: The beauty of puppy play? It isn't one-size-fits-all. Beyond basic training and obedience, it offers a spectrum of power dynamics to delve into. Some 'Handlers/Owners' might take to a firmer, more commanding role, while others might lean towards a gentler, nurturing touch. So, whether it's a caring caress or a strict command, find what tickles your fancy and chase it!

4. Plunge into a more intense experience

For the audacious souls who fancy going beyond the comfort of their homes and deep diving into the rich tapestry of puppy play, here's your roadmap to stepping up the game:
Explore the puppy play community: Think of this as the ultimate dog park for puppy play enthusiasts. Mingle, meet and share tales with fellow aficionados. Not only will it bolster your understanding and love for the art, but you'll also get a chance to be part of a vibrant, supportive clique.
Blend puppy play with other BDSM Practices: Let's remember, puppy play is but a delightful slice of the expansive BDSM pie. Once you're cosy with the basics, why not spice things up? Perhaps weave in some bondage or discipline into your playtime. Or venture into other role-playing dimensions. The world's your oyster, or should we say, your dog bowl?

5. Talk with your partner after your session

Though the antics and narratives of puppy play might be set in a make-believe world, the feels, thrills, and spills are very much real.
  • Discuss your experiences: Once the curtain falls, take a mo to reflect and chat about the play. Share how it felt, what had your tail wagging, and perhaps, things you'd fancy tweaking or trying out next time.
  • The importance of aftercare: This isn't just post-game chit-chat; it's about emotional reconnection. In the BDSM world, 'aftercare' is that warm, snuggly blanket of comfort after the storm. Whether it's gentle strokes, whispered words of affection, or simply basking in each other's presence in hushed silence, the goal is to ensure both parties feel cherished, secure, and utterly understood. After all, every good 'Puppy' deserves a treat, and every 'Handler' deserves appreciation.