USB-Rechargeable Penis-Enhancing Pump

USB-Rechargeable Penis-Enhancing Pump
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Gel lubricant 50 ml and Toy cleaner 20 ml
Ejaculation delay spray
  • Length : 34,00cm
  • Non-Vibrating
  • Colour : Black
  • Diameter : Adjustable, adapts to all diameters
  • Material : TPR Soft Touch
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Plunge yourself into this high quality penis pump and you’ll increase the size of your cock while experiencing amazing sensations.

This penis pump will temporarily increase the size of your penis while delivering wonderfully pleasurable stimulation. Once inserted into the clear plastic chamber, your penis will start growing immediately at the push of a button.

The pump increases the flow of blood to your penis, resulting in an enormous and rock hard erection.

This rechargeable penis sex toy comes with a USB cable included.

The benefits of a penis pump

Using a penis pump might be a little bit intimidating at first for beginners, but once you become a pro, you’ll never want to be without your trusty toy. LOVEANDVIBES’ fantastic penis pumps have many different benefits:

Increase the size of your member

What man has never dreamt of seeing his engine increase immediately in size, becoming massive and harder than ever before? By creating a vacuum effect in the chamber of the pump, this toy will increase blood flow to your intimate area, resulting in an absolutely massive trouser snake. You’ll see the increase in size before your very eyes!

Experience surprising sensations

This penis pump perfectly imitates the feeling of receiving a super satisfying blow job. Men love using this toy for how amazing it feels to have their prodigious pole swallowed whole!

Enjoy an absolutely massive erection

The increased flow of blood will make you have an incredibly powerful erection, like you’ve never seen before in your life. Seeing your penis in such a state will make your encounters even more exciting. You’ll want to take your partner immediately, or at least masturbate.

Easy to charge with a USB cable

This rechargeable cock pump can be plugged into any functional USB port using the cable that comes included. No need to scramble with batteries at a pivotal moment – this baby is always ready to go.

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