Powerful Suction LCD-Screen Penis-Enhancing Mini-Pump

Powerful Suction LCD-Screen Penis-Enhancing Mini-Pump
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When you dip your wick into this miniature penis-enhancing pump, you’ll treat your sensitive head to an absolutely wicked sensual massage.

At 4 inches long, this penis pump will increase of the size of your stiff member in front of your eyes! You’ll be able to observe the enlarging of the endowment as it sits inside of the transparent chamber. Linked to an easy-to-use remote control, this sex toy for men will skilfully work its magic on your penis. Its internal motor creates a pressure-filled environment of up to 350 KPA (or 51 psi)!

The increase in blood flow to your member will make it temporarily increase in both length and width.

This automatic pump is portable and powerful, so you can take it with you wherever you go. This is the perfect sex toy for men who are looking for new and exciting sensations.

The benefits of a mini penis pump

This miniature penis pump is 4 inches long. It has been specially designed to welcome the most sensitive area of your penis, the tip, inside of its clear chamber for an incredible amount of stimulation. You’ll love the feeling of knowing that your penis is growing to a never-before-seen size as the suction-effect gives you pleasure.

Essential products

To fully enjoy your toy, follow LOVEANDVIBES’ advice below.


The use of a disinfecting toy cleaner is absolutely crucial to keep it in a hygienic condition. Just spray the cleaner onto your toy both before and after every use to eliminate any bacteria or excess grime.


Using a proper personal lubricant while playing with this toy will increase your pleasure and comfort. Just apply a few drops to your penis before playing with this toy so that it will glide easily into the transparent chamber.

Have a browse through LOVEANDVIBES’ Lubes, Oils, and Accessories section to find the best products for your toy and budget. You’ll definitely find a large number of affordable options.


This penis pump runs on 4 AAA batteries. For best results, we recommend that you use only new brand-name high-quality batteries. Make sure that you insert them in the proper direction of polarity (as indicated on the product).

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