Womanizer : A revolution in female pleasure

Since its creation in 2013, Womanizer has established itself as the leading brand in the women's sex toy industry. Its revolutionary clit stimulator has an innovative technology, delivering fast, intense, and contact-free orgasms.
The first Womanizer was soon followed by several new models: the Womanizer Duo, which combines clit stimulation and vaginal penetration, and the Womanizer Premium, which has different intensity levels and several vibration modes.
Designed by women, for women, these sex toys offer an incomparable amount of pleasure. They are of the highest quality and are easy to use and clean.
Womanizer also celebrates and encourages sexual freedom and female independence. The brand uses its innovative technology to promote diversity and encourages women to stop being ashamed of their desires by helping them explore their own bodies.
Womanizer toys were made for female pleasure. The LOVE Team will help you discover the brand's many products and revolutionary technology. You’ll become a diehard fan in no time!

Why should I choose a Womanizer sex toy?

Thanks to the innovative technology of Womanizer sex toys, you can enjoy an intense and exceptional solo experience. Here are just a few reasons why you should opt for a Womanizer toy:
  • Intense orgasms: Womanizer sex toys allow you to stimulate the clitoris without direct contact to quickly trigger powerful orgasms.
  • A wide variety of models: Are you a fan of just clit stimulation? Or are you a fan of clit stimulation and vaginal penetration at the same time? The wide choice of Womanizer toys is sure to satisfy you. 
  • High-quality materials: These sex toys are made of high-quality materials that make them safe and pleasurable for everyone.
  • Easy-to-use products: These user-friendly sex toys have simple controls and are therefore very easy to enjoy.
  • Adjustable intensity and vibration modes: You can easily adjust the intensity levels and vibration modes of your sex toy to suit your current mood. 
  • Support for women's sexual empowerment: Womanizer promotes diversity and inclusiveness, as well as women’s control over their own sexuality.

How does the Womanizer's contactless technology work?

Pleasure Air Technology®

This unique patented technology sets Womanizer products apart from the competition: Pleasure Air Technology®creates a suction and pulsing motion that stimulates the clitoris without vibration or penetration.

A "hollow mouth" on the sex toy fits around the clitoris, without any direct contact. The Pleasure Air technology® then gently massages the area with waves of pressure. You can adjust the intensity of the waves to your liking at any time.
This technology delivers a unique and powerful kind of pleasure. In just a few years, it has become a technological milestone in the women's sex toy industry.


Lie back, relax and let the Autopilot function take care of everything. No need to adjust the intensity of the pulsing yourself. Let the toy surprise you by dispensing deep stimulation in the most unexpected way!

Smart Silence

With the help of an ultra-sensitive sensor, the sex toy only turns on when it placed very close to your body. This innovation, called Smart Silence, allows you to enjoy your session without being distracted by unwanted noises. You will be able to relax without interruption and concentrate on your pleasure in complete serenity.

A toy for every woman

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, there's a Womanizer sex toy model that will satisfy your every desire!
Womanizer Classic

The Womanizer Classic: This is the original model of the brand. The Pleasure Air Technology® delivers quick and intense orgasms.

Womanizer Premium

The Womanizer Premium: This model allows you to customize your solo experience. Choose from a wide range of intensity levels and vibration modes.

Womanizer Duo

The Womanizer Duo: This versatile sex toy combines clit stimulation with vaginal penetration. The pleasure is intense and overwhelming.

Womanizer Liberty

The Womanizer Liberty: A compact model, perfect for travel (or for using it discreetly at home).

Womanizer Starlet

The Womanizer Starlet: This entry-level model is affordable and provides contact-free clit stimulation.

Womanizer Premium Eco

The Womanizer Premium Eco: This eco-friendly and sustainable model is made from recycled materials.

How to choose your Womanizer sex toy

There’s a wide variety of Womanizers available, so it's normal to hesitate at first between several models. Ask yourself what you want from a sex toy: clit stimulation only, or vaginal penetration as well? What level of intensity would suit you? Do you want to choose from a lot of vibration modes? Or would a simpler model be more than enough for you?
Once you've decided what you want, take a look at the selection of products that we offer on our website: you're sure to find the perfect toy for you. Feel free to contact our LOVE Team for personal advice if you’re still having a hard time choosing.

Cleaning your Womanizer: An important step

Cleaning your Womanizer
Cleaning your Womanizer will keep it in excellent condition for years. After each use, clean your toy to prevent the build-up of bacteria and germs. You can use a sex toy cleaner and warm water to clean it effectively. All silicone and plastic parts should be thoroughly cleaned. Don't forget any accessories (caps and tips) and the inside of the sex toy.

Always follow the instructions carefully, as not all cleaning methods are suitable for all sex toys. Once your toy is perfectly clean, store it in a dry place, away from light. The original box or a cloth storage bag will protect it from dust and prying eyes.