Pjur, premium German lubes

Since 1995, Pjur has been one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality lubricants in Germany. Pjur’s lubes are of the highest quality and reliability and comply with the EN ISO/ISO 13485 standard.

Plus, all Pjur lubricants are compatible with latex condoms.

Pjur’s body-safe formulations protect your skin and allow you to enjoy safe and comfortable sexual experiences.

High-performance lubes for every need

Discover Pjur’s wide range of products to choose the lube that best meets your intimate needs.

Pjur ORIGINAL: the classic formula

Pjur ORIGINAL is the original silicone formulation that has made the brand so popular. The silky texture of this lubricant makes it incredibly long lasting, to allow you to experience intense moments of pleasure without interruption.

Pjur BASIC: an essential lube at an affordable price

Pjur BASIC lubricants are high-quality lubricants at a very attractive price. Their water- or silicone-based formulations offer great comfort of use. These lubes allow you to enjoy your intimate moments in complete comfort, no matter your budget.

Pjur INFINITY: a luxurious experience

Pjur INFINITY premium lubricants give you a unique feeling of well-being and enhance your pleasure. These water- or silicone-based formulations provide refined lubrication of the highest quality.

Pjur AQUA: light and versatile

Pjur AQUA lubricants are water-based. They have a natural and light feeling against your sensitive skin during sex. They are compatible with all sex toys, no matter the material (silicone, glass or metal), so you can keep your toys in perfect condition. The versatile lubes in the Pjur AQUA range will keep you well lubricated without being too heavy.

Pjur WOMAN: lubes for a woman's specific needs

A woman’s sensitive skin deserves the right kind of care. That’s why Pjur has formulated a special range with natural, moisturising ingredients just for women. Plus, the Pjur WOMAN range also has a 100% vegan formulation and an aloe vera-based formulation.

Pjur MAN: made for men

The rich texture of Pjur MAN lubricants give men an optimal feeling of comfort. Long lasting and adapted to the specific needs of male skin, these lubes will increase your pleasure during your torrid intimate experiences.

Pjur BACK DOOR: for intense anal penetration

The Pjur BACK DOOR range features three different formulas for your specific needs:

  • A hydrating formulation: the perfect lube for an exquisite experience.
  • A relaxing formulation: relaxed muscles for smooth and worry-free penetration.
  • A regenerating formulation: for an invigorating sensation of freshness, relaxation and well-being.

Pjur analyse me!: anal comfort and jojoba

The relaxing and hydrating properties of jojoba in this range of lubes will make your anal play sessions incredibly comfortable. These lubricants will relax your muscles, so you can fully enjoy the powerful sensations.

Pjur POWER: boldness and intensity

Pjur POWER lubricants are designed for fans of extreme sex. If you love fisting and giant sex toys, this range of lubes is made for you! The exceptionally long lasting lubrication will give you a maximum amount of comfort during all of your sexual adventures.