Lubrix, the choice of top French sex therapists

Lubrix is a premium brand of high-quality lubricants, specially designed to help you achieve an optimal performance during sex. This range of water-based lubes has been endorsed by a number of reputed sexual health professionals (including Dr. Jacques Waynberg, co-founder of the prestigious Institute of Sexology in Paris) for making sex more comfortable and safe.

Lubrix' gentle formulations are perfect for sensitive skin, minimizing the risk of irritation and discomfort. Easy to apply, Lubrix lubes glide effortlessly over your skin and mucous membranes for a luxe and pleasurable experience.

Lubrix lubes are also compatible with condoms, helping to prevent vaginal or anal dryness, a major cause of condom breakage. This will make your condom more reliable during sex, for your peace of mind.

By opting for Lubrix, you are choosing a high-quality lubricant, recommended by sex therapists and designed for maximum comfort and safety during your most intimate moments.

A range of products for every desire

Lubrix believes that each individual and each intimate moment is unique. With this in mind, the brand has developed a diverse range of products to meet every desire and need. Lubrix’s selection of water-based lubes is designed to suit every situation and preference, for an unforgettable and personalised experience.

Classic water-based Lubrix

Specifically designed for vaginal sex, Lubrix Classic water-based lubricant provides an ultra-pleasurable and comfortable experience. Its unique formulation is not only compatible with condoms, ensuring effective protection, but also with sex toys, so you can enjoy better solo and partner play than ever before.

Because every situation is unique, Lubrix Classic is available in several different sizes. Whether you're planning a romantic evening for two, an impromptu getaway or a naughty weekend, you can always count on Lubrix to accompany you on all your sexual adventures. Don't let the unexpected surprise you: with Lubrix, you're always ready for intense and memorable moments.

Lubrix Hot Gel

Lubrix Hot Gel is a bold and innovative lube that adds an extra dimension of pleasure to your intimate moments. This warming gel is specially designed to diffuse a gentle heat when in contact with the skin and mucous membranes. The warm sensation naturally intensifies with body rubbing and thrusting, for even more excitement and enjoyment.

Lubrix Hot Gel delivers a unique and stimulating sensory experience that will delight your senses and bring you even closer to your partner. Now you can really heat things up during your couple’s play sessions!

Lubrix Gel Vibrator

Lubrix Gel Vibrator is specially designed to enhance your pleasure when using sex toys, especially vibrating toys, such as vibrators. You can also use this unique lube to enhance your experience while playing with other adult toys like dildos, butt plugs, or many more.

Lubrix Gel Vibrator has a silky texture and is gentle against the most sensitive skin, making your solo or partner play session even more pleasurable.

Lubrix Anal Gel

Lubrix Anal Gel has been specially developed to give you the best experience possible during anal play. This lube is thicker and longer lasting than classic lubricants, making anal sex more comfortable and pleasurable for both you and your partner.

Lubrix Anal Gel's rich, long-lasting texture makes it easier to glide back and forth during sex, while reducing friction and discomfort. The special formula ensures a safe and enjoyable intimate experience, so you can explore the pleasures of anal penetration with confidence.

Lubrix Lubrifist

Lubrix Lubrifist is specially designed for more daring and intense sexual encounters which require a lot of lubrication, like vaginal or anal fisting. Formulated to facilitate extreme dilation, this high performance lubricant will make your most powerful sex session comfortable and safe.

Odourless, colourless, and non-greasy, Lubrix Lubrifist is the perfect choice for your most extreme adventures, without compromising the cleanliness of your environment.

Lubrix Toy Cleaner

Lubrix Toy Cleaner is a universal sex toy cleaner in a spray bottle, which will help you keep all of your toys in excellent condition and hygienic. This cleaning spray is easy to use and suitable for all types of sex toys, regardless of material, keeping them clean and safe to use.

With Lubrix Toy Cleaner, you can extend the life of your favourite toys and preserve their quality while taking care for your own hygiene. Regularly cleaning your toys with this toy cleaner will make your toy sessions all the more enjoyable!