Lelo: limitless female pleasure

Lelo is a Swedish brand of luxury sex toys created in 2003. Lelo makes prize-winning, high-end products with a powerful design: vibrators, handcuffs, Ben Wa balls, cock rings, and so much more.
Lelo's products are highly innovative: designed with the discerning fan of solo play in mind, they are made of high-quality materials and feature the latest technology. As a socially aware brand, Lelo actively promotes sexual health and education by providing its customers with guides and information to help them experience a satisfying sex life.
Lelo is committed to customer satisfaction, which is why all of their products undergo quality testing before they are released. The brand also offers a 1-year guarantee on all its products.

Why choose a Lelo sex toy?

Opting for a Lelo sex toy has many advantages, including:
  • Quality guaranteed: The materials used for Lelo sex toys are of the highest quality. Rigorous tests are also carried out on the products before they are released, guaranteeing their quality and durability.
  • Innovation: Lelo is constantly developing innovative new products. Their aim is to satisfy their customers, offering them powerful and user-friendly toys for solo and partner play.
  • Customer satisfaction: Lelo is committed to customer satisfaction, offering a one-year guarantee on all of its products.
  • Respect for the environment: Lelo is concerned about its impact on the environment, and so they use only sustainable materials and have drastically reduced the use of plastic packaging in recent years. 
  • Sex education: Lelo promotes access to information about sex education and sexual health. Their guides and online resources allow users to learn about their own bodies and explore their sexuality.

A Lelo for every woman

Lelo sex toys allow every woman to enjoy a rich, satisfying sex life, whether she’s single or in a relationship. Here are just a few of Lelo’s most popular models:
Lelo Sona 2
SONA 2: The new generation clitoral vibrator. This toy stimulates your clitoris with the help of sound waves for intense orgasms every session.
Lelo INA Wave 2
INA Wave 2: A powerful rabbit vibrator. This innovative sex toy gives its user double stimulation (of the G-spot and the clitoris at the same time). The shaft simulates the movement of finger, making your experience even more realistic.
Lelo Gigi 2
GIGI 2: An innovative G-spot vibrator. The stimulation is precise and intense. This rechargeable sex toy is easy to use and delivers game-changing pleasure.
Lelo Beads
LELO Beads: Elegant Ben Wa balls. They strengthen the pelvic floor muscles to help you enjoy more intense orgasms. The beads inside the balls create subtle natural vibrations for even more pleasure.
Lelo Smart Wand
SMART WAND: A cheeky wireless massager. Originally designed to relax muscles and relieve tension, it can also be used to stimulate your erogenous zones. Enjoy intense yet relaxing sensations!

How to choose the perfect Lelo toy

As Lelo has a diverse range of different sex toys, you’ll find the perfect model to help you achieve endless amounts of ecstasy. Here are some tips from the LOVE Team to help you make your choice:

Think about what kind of stimulation you like best:

First you need to decide on the type of stimulation you prefer: clitoral stimulation? G-spot love? Or both at the same time? Anything is possible, so take the time to think about it and compare the different options available.

Determine your budget:

Lelo's high-quality, top-of-the-range products are a little bit pricier than other sex toys on the market, and for good reason! Think of your toy as an investment in your happiness, and decide how much you’re willing to spend.

Analyse your needs:

Are you a beginner or an experienced sex toy fan? If you’re a novice, a simpler toy such as the SONA 2 or the GIGI 2 is perfect. If you’re a more experienced user, try out a more complex model, such as the INA Wave or the SMART WAND.

The LOVE Team knows how difficult it can be to make the right choice. We are always available to give you the advice you need when making your purchase.

How to take care of your Lelo toy

Cleaning your Lelo
  • Read the cleaning instructions carefully: Each sex toy requires a specific type of cleaning, depending on its material. Do not risk damaging your toy by using too-harsh products. Read the user’s manual or the product page before cleaning your toy.
  • Clean your sex toy: After every session, clean your sex toy thoroughly with warm water and an appropriate cleanser (in most cases, a mild soap or a sex toy cleaner will do the trick). Do not use cleaning products containing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.
  • Dry your sex toy: Let your toy dry completely before storing it to prevent the growth of bacteria. 
  • Store your sex toy: Find a cool, dry and clean place, away from light. Do not leave different sex toys in contact with each other.
Cleaning your sex toy regularly will make it last longer, so it is important to take care of it.