The DOs and DON’Ts of contraception

Posted on 15 June 2023 by Natalia
The DOs and DON’Ts of contraception
We're all familiar with the word 'contraception', but how well do we truly understand it? In a world where information is at our fingertips, misconceptions and myths still curiously persist. So, for those of us navigating the high seas of intimacy, let's clear the fog. Whether you're madly in love, enjoying a fling, or just relishing your independence, the LOVE Team is here to guide you on a journey to making empowered choices about your body and your relationships.
From pills to patches, and coils to condoms, how do you decide what's best? And once you've made a choice, are you sure you're using it right? Don't fret! We're breaking it down for you. Our Passion Patrol delves into the world of contraception, spotlighting the key players, and most importantly, demystifying the common blunders we all (yes, ALL of us) occasionally make.
So, lean in, lads and lasses. Let's embark on a journey to achieve that perfect blend of freedom, pleasure, and responsibility in our romantic escapades.

Condom Commandments: The Right Way to Wrap It Up

Condoms: our trusty sidekicks in the bedroom, always ready to shield us from unplanned pregnancies and those pesky STDs. But, are you using them right? Missteps can lead to some awkward moments and unwanted consequences. So, whether you're a seasoned pro or just gearing up for a romantic rendezvous, here's our Passion Patrol's guide on how to make your condom experience A-class.

Wallet warriors: Stashing that rubber in your wallet? Think twice. Heat and compression might just render it a dud. Look for cooler, spacious spots.

Double trouble: Two is company but not with condoms. Doubling up doesn't mean double safety. In fact, you're inviting friction which can tear them apart.

Timing is everything: Slipping it on too early can cause it to break or become a hindrance. Too late? You're gambling with STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

Size does matter: A snug fit is your best bet. Too tight, and it might snap; too loose, and it might just wave goodbye during the act. Know your fit.

Oral oversight: Think condoms are only for one kind of fun? Think again. Oral delights still need a barrier – either a condom or a dental dam.

Clock-watching: Expired condoms belong in the bin, not the bedroom. Always keep an eagle eye on that expiry date.

Open with care: Using teeth or sharp objects to tear open the package? That's a rookie move. Go hands-only to keep that protection intact.

Upside-down uh-oh: Rolled the condom the wrong way? Don't reverse. Bin it. Any contact might have left unwelcome deposits. Fresh start, please!

Forget-me-not: Last but by no means least, actually using the condom is paramount. It might sound obvious, but in the heat of the moment, make it your top priority.

With these tips in your arsenal, you're all set to enjoy a safe and sensational time. So, wrap it up right and let the good times roll!

Pill protocol: getting the most from your daily dose

Ah, the pill – that tiny tablet that's become a staple for many. But with great power comes great responsibility, and there are a few golden rules to keep this contraceptive ace up your sleeve working like a charm.

Missed a beat? Strive for consistency; take your pill at the same time daily. Missed a dose? You're at risk of shaking up your cycle and facing an unplanned surprise.

Double trouble: Missed yesterday's pill and thinking of taking two today? Hold on, darling. That double dose might leave you feeling off, with nausea or unexpected bleeding. Always check the pack instructions or ring up your gynaecologist.

Morning-after missteps: The morning-after pill is like the fire alarm - only for emergencies. Don't make it your go-to. Overuse can send your hormones on a rollercoaster ride.

Upset tummy tales: Thrown up within four hours post-pill? It might not have had time to work its magic. Pop another pill pronto, follow up with the next, and book a chat with your doctor.

Remember, when it comes to the pill, precision is key. Keep on track, be mindful of these guidelines, and you'll be navigating your contraceptive journey with confidence. Cheers to taking control!

Patch perfect: getting the stick on contraception right

Ah, the contraceptive patch – that little sticker that makes our love lives a tad simpler. But as with any gem, there's an art to using it right. Here's how you ace your patch game:

Sticky situations: Ensure your chosen patch site is as pristine as a fresh canvas: dry, clean, and smooth. And avoid those friction hotspots like the waistband of your undies.

High-risk real estate: Steer clear of irritated, wounded, or the oh-so-tempting breast area. Need a tip? Our Passion Patrol suggests prime spots like your tum, bum, shoulder, outer arm, or upper back.

Over-patching: More isn't always merrier. Slapping on multiple patches? You're opening doors to hormone overload and some not-so-pleasant side effects.

Golden nuggets: Your doc knows best. Stick to their advice. A general thumb rule? Freshen up your patch weekly, and after a solid three-week stint, give yourself a patch-free seven days.

Armed with these patch pointers, you're all set to enjoy the liberating feeling of getting your contraception spot on. Stick with it!

Implants and IUDs: Long-Lasting Love Shields

For those seeking an extended break from baby-making without the daily doses or weekly patches, implants and IUDs can be fab choices. But like every star player, they come with their own playbooks. Let’s delve in!

IUD time-out: While IUDs are the endurance athletes of contraception, they do have their limits. Depending on the type, they last between three to ten years. Overstay their welcome, and they may lose efficacy or risk an infection. Keep those gynaecologist appointments in check!:
Implant intel: "Risk-free" might sound tempting, but let's fine-tune that: implants are generally safe and effective. Tucked under the skin (often in the arm), they steadily release hormones blocking ovulation for up to three years. But like any headliner, they might have a couple of diva moments, i.e., side effects. Before taking the plunge, ensure you've got the green light from your doctor that it’s the right stage for your personal concert.
Opting for long-term contraceptive methods like implants and IUDs? You're investing in peace of mind. Just remember to stay in tune with your body and keep up with regular medical encores. Rock on!