How to use a breast-stimulating pump

A breast-stimulating pump for women is a device that stimulates your breasts to make them larger and more sensitive. If you are using your breast pump for the first time, you may feel a little bit lost.

Here are the LOVE Team’s top tips to help you learn how to use your pump safely.

1. Get your pump ready

Before using your pump, make sure your breasts are clean and dry. If you have an automatic breast pump, check that the batteries are fully charged.

2. Place the cup over your breast

After placing the cup on your breast, press it gently to create a suction effect. If your breast pump has two cups, do the same for your other breast. The edges of the cup should stick to your skin in an airtight matter for the pump to work properly.

3. Switch on the vacuum effect

If you have an automatic breast pump, simply press the button to start the suction. If you have a manual pump, start pumping to create the vacuum effect in the cup.

4. Take the cup off your breast

When your session is over, press the decompression valve to let the air out of the cup and release the suction. Then simply remove the cup from your breast.

5. Clean your pump

Clean the cup(s) with warm water and soap after every use. Do not immerse your breast pump in water if it contains electronic components. Then store it out of sight in a clean, well-ventilated area.
With the help of this handy guide, you'll make the most of your breast pump. However, if you have any other questions, the LOVE Team will be delighted to help you. Feel free to contact us!