How to recycle your sex toys

Sustainability and eco-consciousness are no longer just buzzwords – they're becoming an integral part of our everyday chatter, darling! We're all about sipping our lattes from reusable cups and hunting for the best eco-friendly beauty products, but have you ever stopped to think about the lifespan of your bedroom buddies? That's right, we're talking about recycling those intimate gadgets – your sex toys!

Got questions about giving your favourite toys a sustainable send-off? Our saucy yet savvy LOVE team is here to spill the beans.

Why Say a Green Goodbye to Your Grown-Up Toys?

  • Reduce waste: We've all seen the alarming images of landfills bursting at the seams. Recycling your toys means one less item contributing to this environmental nightmare.
  • Protect mother earth: Materials like silicone, plastic, and metal – the backbone of many a pleasure product – can often be repurposed. By recycling, you're preventing these from lying idle and unloved in a dump somewhere.
  • Conservation station: It's not just about keeping things out of landfills; it's also about conserving the resources we already have. Many of these materials can be given a new lease of life in different forms.
  • Clearer skies ahead: Say no to pollution! By recycling, you're stopping the release of harmful toxins that can spoil our lovely air.

So, if you're keen on making eco-friendly choices all the way from your morning brew to your nighttime rituals, you've landed on the right page! Dive into our guide below, and let us help you navigate the world of recycling those personal playthings with style and environmental flair. Give those toys a new lease of life, and do your bit for our beautiful blue planet!

The usual suspects in the recycling bin

PVC and ABS – sound like mysterious agents, but they're just the typical materials your naughty buddies might be made of. Ready for the good news? These can be recycled just like your everyday plastics.

Metallic charm

Whether it's tin cans from last night's dinner or your glamorous metal toys, they all find a home in the same recycling spot. It's as simple as your morning tea ritual!

Glass glam – beyond the ordinary

Those dazzling glass dildos? They’re usually made from a unique type called borosilicate – and that’s not your regular bottle material. Whilst they might not be recyclable, their elegance shouldn't be wasted. Once sterilised, they can transform from bedroom gems to stylish home décor. Place them just right, and you've got a modern art piece that’s oh-so-subtly risqué!

Battery buzzkill

We adore them for the power they bring, but batteries are a touch sensitive when it comes to the environment. Always ensure they’re headed to a dedicated recycling station or collection point. They've done their bit, now it's your turn.

From bedroom to bin – the electronics way

Remember, sex toys often have a bit of techy magic inside – think batteries, motors, the works! This means they can be recycled just like your petite household gadgets – electric shavers, hairdryers and the like. Hunt down the right bin at your local rubbish collection centre or even your frequented supermarket.

Toy encore – give It another go

Fancy the idea of your toys continuing their escapades with someone else? The online world has just the platforms where, post-sterilisation, your non-porous toys (like those made of silicone, glass, or metal) can be passed on to an eager new owner. Sharing is caring, after all!

Quality over quantity – always

The best way to truly embrace sustainability? Opt for durability. Investing in quality means less waste. Even though silicone toys might not be recyclable, their long-lasting nature ensures they’re a one-time purchase for years of pleasure. Less waste, more taste!
There you have it, my eco-conscious divas! Making greener choices never looked (or felt) so good. Let’s make sustainability sexy!