Vibrating Black Silicone Penis Extender

Vibrating Black Silicone Penis Extender
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  • Length : 17,00cm
  • Vibrating
  • Battery Operated
  • Colour : Chocolate
  • Diameter : Adjustable, adapts to all diameters
  • Material : Silicone
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Feel like adding a little something new to your sexual routine? Perhaps it’s time to try our Vibrating Black Silicone Penis Extender.

At 6.75 inches long (with an insertable length of 3.25”), this silicone sleeve is flexible and will adjust to fit any penis size. Super lifelike, it features a large head and a prominently-veined shaft for extra stimulation.

This sleeve comes with a vibrating bullet, which you can insert inside the tip to really shake things up. The brilliant oscillations will make both you and your lover will tremble with pleasure!

 This is truly a toy that will thrill both partners!

Why Should I Use this Vibrating Black Silicone Penis Extender?

Using a penis sleeve adds a fresh new element to your sexual play, for several reasons. First of all, this silicone sleeve will immediately enlarge both the length and girth of your own member, giving an increased feeling of “fullness” to your partner during penetration.

This sleeve also boasts a unique texture, with authentically-crafted ribbing, folds, and veins on the shaft, which will increase the realism of your experience. Finally, this toy comes with an insertable vibrating bullet, which you can add or remove at any time, for even more pleasure during penetration.  

How Do I Insert the Vibrating Bullet?

At first glance, you may not know where to insert this sleeve’s vibrating bullet. Just follow our helpful advice and your toy will be buzzing in no time!

First, unscrew the bullet and remove the small paper disc that prevents the batteries from functioning when the toy is not in use. Screw the bullet back together and it will be ready to use.

Turn the sleeve inside out like a sock to access the inside of the tip, where the vibrating bullet should be inserted.

Slide the vibrating bullet into the hole inside the tip and press the button to switch on the vibes.

Turn the sleeve right-side out again.

Glide your stiff member into the sleeve to enjoy the amazing sensations!

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