Vibee-Lover Orgasmic Clitoral Stimulator

Vibee-Lover Orgasmic Clitoral Stimulator
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  • Length : 15,0cm
  • Vibration Speed : Multi-speed Vibrations
  • Water Resistant
  • Colour : Pink
  • Diameter : 1.5 in
  • Material : Silicone
  • Clitoral Stimulation
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Our Vibee-Lover clitoral stimulator will turn the heat in your bedroom way up! This clever toy, exclusive to LOVE AND VIBES, features 3 different heads and 30 suction modes.

This fun and feminine stimulator is a totally unique toy for the clitoris, as it suckles your love button without any contact through gentle waves of pressure.

It also boasts a number of other attractive attributes.

This toy features 3 different adjustable silicone heads (classic, pleasure nubs, or with hooks) for three times as much pleasure.

It also features 3 speeds and 10 suction modes (continuous, pulse, random, etc.), for a total of 30 different programmes!

This stimulator may be powerful, but it is also whisper-quiet, to protect your privacy.

You can use this handy toy during solo play or during foreplay with a partner for totally incomparable sexual bliss.

How to Use this Stimulator:

1)      Charge the stimulator by piercing the “DC” hole on the device with the USB cable. A blinking red light should appear while the device is charging. Once the blinking has stopped, the device is fully charged and can be disconnected from the power source.

2)      Hold down the Power button for at least 3 seconds to switch the device on.

3)      Use the arrow the buttons to adjust the speed.

4)      Press the Power button quickly to switch between the different vibration modes.

5)      Hold down the Power button for at least 3 seconds to switch the device off.

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