Trooper Automatic Thrusting Masturbator

Trooper Automatic Thrusting Masturbator
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  • Length : 25 cm x 8 cm
  • Vibration Speed : Multi-speed Vibrations
  • Thrusting Function
  • Battery-Less
  • Diameter : 1.5 in
  • Material : Jelly Rubber
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Our Trooper masturbator has been specially designed to cater to man’s need for explosive solo pleasure. This automatic masturbator has an intense thrusting function, which does all of the work for you. You’ll love the feel of the soft ribbed jelly sleeve around your member. You can also stick this toy’s suction cup base onto any smooth surface for a hands-free experience.

This sex toy also features light and sound effects. At the push of the button, you’ll hear a beautiful young woman climaxing at the same time you. Switch on the light effects for a mini laser show in the comfort of your own home.

A futuristic wanking session!

Plunge your pole into this automatic masturbator’s transparent sleeve and let this high-toy tech work its magic. The super-soft sleeve is flexible and comfortable to use. It is lined with pleasure nubs and ribbing for an even more intense experience. The sleeve has a depth of penetration of 4.75 inches with a 2-inch diameter. The shell is 10 inches long with a 3.25-inch diameter.

How to recharge your male masturbator

At the base of the masturbator, right next to the suction cup, you’ll find a small socket into which you can plug the jack of the AC wall adapter. Plug the cable into the wall and leave your toy to charge for at least 2 hours. No need to fuss around with batteries – this toy will easily recharge for hours of ecstasy.

Stick this male masturbator’s suction cup base onto any smooth surface

This sex toy for men is equipped with a powerful suction cup, so you can stick it onto any flat surface (for example, shower tiles, a mirror, or even a bathtub). To use the suction cup, simply unscrew the base, position the suction cup onto the desired surface, and then screw the base back together. To affix the suction cup, set the suction cup lever to “open”, pose your masturbator in the position you’d like, and then set the lever to “lock”. Your male masturbator is now firmly in place and ready to be used hands-free.

User’s Guide

Switch on and off: Hold down the middle (power) button for at least 5 seconds.

Switch on the sound effects: You masturbator will let out the cries of pleasure of a woman in full orgasm. Just press the bottom right button (music note), then keep pressing to select a sound: the sounds vary from a woman whispering softly and sensually to a woman screaming in full climax. Just plug a pair of headphones into the same socket that takes the charging jack.

Switch the lights on: This masturbator features a colourful blue and green light show, visible within the shell of the toy. In the dark of the night, you’ll be endlessly entertained by the spectacular laser show that will accompany your steamy solo session.

Adjust the speed: The top right R1 button lets you adjust the thrusting speed. Simply press the button to increase the speed!

Properly clean your toy

To clean your toy, remove the blue shell to access the inside of the masturbator. Gently remove the sleeve and clean it with warm soapy water. Dry the sleeve thoroughly before putting it back into the shell. Always handle your sleeve with care, as the jelly material is very soft and fragile (which is what makes it so pleasurable!)

Customer reviews
By Anon
product doesn't do as it says. doesn't come in the scale it says, and doesn't stick to smooth surfaces like it says this website also refused to refund me despite giving me a refund invoice!