Vinyl and PVC catsuits

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Catsuits and latex bodysuits: origins and history of this sexy outfit

The catsuit or "latex bodysuit" is a one-piece that hugs the whole body: arms, legs, bust and sometimes even feet and hands. Generally, a catsuit is made from leather, plastic, latex, PVC, velvet or elastane fibre. When a female latex catsuit has a hood, it is called a "zentai".

The name catsuit refers to the feline image of this sexy outfit. It is therefore an item of choice for any femme fatale The latex catsuit is considered to be a fetish item by some people. That is why this sexy item is used a lot in erotic practices.

A latex catsuit for the daring woman in you!

Not everyone is brave enough to pull it off, but a catsuit is a really sensual item of lingerie that flatters all of your curves wonderfully. Marvellously sexy and shiny, the women's latex catsuit often looks like a second skin due to its fitted appearance. This outfit reveals perfect curves and its composition is made for close contact with your partner.

The latex catsuit is the perfect outfit for daring, dominant women who like all eyes on them. The cut elegantly flatters the figure for an irresistibly erotic result.

The women's latex catsuit creates real temptation and desire from the opposite sex. The latex catsuit is a real success, with many advantages!

For hot steamy nights: go for a feminine latex catsuit!

To be even sexier in the eyes of your partner, wear some stilettos and suspenders with this latex catsuit - your man is sure to love it! Perfect for hot occasions and giving extreme pleasure to your partner, the latex catsuit really brings out a woman's sexiest body parts, to truly get her man hot under the collar.

When he sees you in this fitted catsuit, your partner will certainly want to get his hands on you! Seduction guaranteed!

As well as being selected for its sexy appearance and elegant yet naughty materials, the PVC and vinyl catsuit features sexy, seductive cuts. This sexy outfit will easily showcase all of your feminine charms!

A latex catsuit for all!

LOVE AND VIBES has a great vinyl catsuit that will turn you into a real sex bomb! Bordering between and sexy lingerie, this sexy latex catsuit will surprise your partner and be an important part of your naughty nights! To reveal the animal in you, the fitted leather babydoll is the sexy item of choice to ensure your man is mad about you! For naughty ladies who like to have secret pleasure, the PVC butt plug knickers are a real best seller and are really effective!