Silicone Dolls

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Luxury sex dolls: life-sized realism

Our silicone sex dolls are the Rolls-Royce of sex toys. Incredibly popular, these realistic sex dolls offer several ways of getting you off.

There are many different kinds of sex dolls: luxury sex dolls, blow job sex dolls, big-breasted sex dolls, Japanese sex dolls, blond sex dolls, etc. Our silicone dolls are specially designed to meet (almost) all of your sexual needs. Every man has his preferences, but some are downright fetishists when it comes to collecting these voluptuous dolls.

The undeniable benefit of these sex dolls is their breath-taking realism. Our manufacturers pay special attention to all of the details, including big breasts, green eyes, life-sized body, and juicy butt. Every doll is different, but each has been designed to fulfil your desires, so that your steamiest fantasies become a reality.

Most of our super realistic silicone dolls are life-sized. Why? We’ve designed our luxurious ladies to look and feel just like the real thing for your satisfaction. Our best sex dolls vary between 4'0", 5’2”, and even 5’9" inches!  

And don’t forget her weight, an essential feature of these sex dolls for men. As most of our realistic dolls feature an internal skeleton that lets you bend them into any position, they can reach up to 88 pounds. Keep that in mind while selecting your doll!

Each of our dolls for the UK has the sexy body of a goddess, with a flat tummy, pouty lips, long hair for pulling, spectacular curves, a perfect manicure, and most importantly: ultra-realistic orifices! You can enjoy your doll in a number of different ways: doggy-style, missionary, girl-on-top, etc. Many of our dolls even have a third orifice: a mouth, for performing totally lifelike deep-throat blow jobs. 

Most of our dolls have two penetrable orifices: a vagina and an anus. These two realistic orifices look and feel just like the real thing, for a totally unique and orgasmic sexual experience. The LOVE AND VIBES sex shop has thought of everything, as we features optional items like wigs and clothing to customise your doll to your taste and make her look just like a real woman!

The difference between a silicone doll and a TPE doll

Not all dolls are made with the same material. Most of the time, you’ll have to choose between a silicone and a TPE doll. What is the different between these two materials? First, both models are high quality and life-sized. Also known as “medical-grade silicone”, TPE is known for its soft, supple, and smooth texture. TPE is very similar to silicone, but the biggest difference is the price, as it is much more affordable than silicone. Odourless and very realistic, TPE has one drawback: it has pores, which means it can retain water.

Due to its porous texture, a TPE sex toy doll will become dirty faster than a silicone sex doll. They are usually less detailed than a silicone love doll, though they are still of high quality! They both deliver the same type of sensations, pleasing and incredibly exciting. You might not even feel the difference between these two materials.

The two materials are almost identical, but TPE will require more upkeep and cleaning than silicone; The price should also be taken into account, as there may be a difference of several hundred pounds between TPE and silicone toys. We recommend that you consider your budget and the frequency of use while choosing the perfect toy for you!


Our silicone dolls are gorgeous, realistic and incredibly sexy - it’s no wonder they’re one of the top selling toys among our selection of sex toys for men. According to the historian Julien Arbois, the first sex dolls appeared in the 17th century, after some Dutch navigators had an especially wild idea. They wanted to recreate the Asian tradition of the “huggable pillow”. This practice consisted in building an elongated cage made of bamboo, which could be held between a man’s arms and thighs to keep him cool during the long, hot Summer nights. But the Dutchmen’s imagination got the better of them, and they ended up finding more exciting uses for their silicone  dolls. The silicone sex dolls gradually became a way of satisfying their owners’ most urgent carnal needs, while also keeping the lonely lads company. And these lovely dolls have only gotten more popular with time!