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Automatic Rotating and Vibrating Masturbator

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  • Automatic Rotating and Vibrating Masturbator
  • Automatic Rotating and Vibrating Masturbator
  • Automatic Rotating and Vibrating Masturbator
  • Automatic Rotating and Vibrating Masturbator
  • Automatic Rotating and Vibrating Masturbator
  • Automatic Rotating and Vibrating Masturbator

Automatic Rotating and Vibrating Masturbator

Our Automatic Rotating and Vibrating Masturbator offers up absolutely divine solitary pleasure!

Simply plunge your stiff pole through the silicone insert: your pen is will immediately receive an intense massage from the soft pleasure nubs inside of the sleeve.

Switch on the masturbator and experiment with the 10 different rotation modes for XXL-sized pleasure. Your penis will be given the royal treatment by this highly stimulating masturbatory device. You’ll feel the exquisite sensations from the tip of your rod right on down to your testicles.

The easy-to-use control panel is located right above the easy-to-grip handle. You’ll be able to adjust the speed of the rotations in a snap!

You’ll never want to be far from your new favourite masturbator once you’ve discovered all that is has to offer.

This is truly a must-have male masturbator!

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A rotating masturbator with a silicone sleeve

The shell of this masturbator is 9.5 inches long. The depth of penetration of the transparent silicone sleeve is 4 inches. This masturbator is black with a clear portion, so you can see your penis through the plastic during your naughty and exciting solo session. The tapered shape of the shell allows for easy handling.

User’s guide for this ultra-manly sex toy

Charge the masturbator by plugging the USB cable into the base of the sex toy (through the small socket). Leave the toy to charge for several hours. While the toy is charging, you’ll see a blinking blue light. The toy cannot be used while it is charging. You’ll have to unplug it to use it.

Unscrew the black cap in two different sections. Place the silicone ring in the middle, screw the two parts back together, and then put them on the shell. Switch on the masturbator by pressing the tower button (the lowest button on the panel). To switch on the rotations, press the + button. You can select a rotation mode by pressing the F1 or F2 button. There are 10 different available modes (with the inner sleeve rotating in different directions and at different speeds). To adjust the speed, press the + or – button.

Clean your automatic masturbator

The inner sleeve is removable for cleaner and should be handled very carefully. First unscrew the top black part. Then unscrew the transparent part. You’ll then have access to the sleeve, which is attached to the motor. Gently unclip the plastic ring that holds the sleeve in place. You can then remove the sleeve to wash it in water. The black plastic section with the control panel cannot be washed in water, as it contains electronic components. We recommend that you use lukewarm water and gentle soap to clean the sleeve. Dry the sleeve thoroughly before reassembling your electric masturbator to avoid mould issues. Wearing a condom while enjoying the toy will make cleaning this toy easier.

Multi-Speed Vibrations
Multi-speed Rotations
Brand Shake-Me Babe
Colour Black
Diameter Adjustable, adapts to all diameters
Material Silicone