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New Sex Toys

  • Vibrating
    • Vibrating
      1. Non-Vibrating (15)
      2. Vibrating (44)
  • Price
    • Price
      1. £0.00 - £1,000.00 (66)
      2. £1,000.00 - £2,000.00 (2)
  • Colour
    • Colour
      1. Black (15)
      2. Blue (1)
      3. Champagne (1)
      4. Flesh-coloured (18)
      5. Pink (2)
      6. Purple (9)
      7. Red (5)
      8. See Photo (1)
      9. White (5)
  • Material
    • Material
      1. PVC (9)
      2. Silicone (20)
      3. TPE (7)
      4. TPR Soft Touch (15)


Whether you're looking for vibrating knickers, a vibrator, a realistic inflatable doll, a clitoris stimulator, a masturbator, and any other sex toys for men or women, the Love and Vibes online sex shop is your number one source for original, unique and high-quality products. In this category, we've grouped together all of our new sex toys to help you find what you're looking for quickly and easily. Whether you're looking for a sexy gift, looking to experience new sensations, buy your first cheeky toy, or simply to pleasure yourself, our new sex toys category will meet all of your sexiest needs.

New sex toys for women

If you're a fairly curious woman, fan of erotic discovery or want to try new experiences, you've come to the right place. This new sex toy category will let you discover our newest products. Whether you're single, attached, bisexual, gay, or heterosexual, you'll definitely want to have a steamy session with our sex toys.

New vibrators

Our sex toy for women category groups together a number of different erotic accessory to increase your sexual pleasure. Among the most beloved female sex toys you'll find the vibrator. Whether you're looking for a “basic” vibrator or a Rabbit vibrator, this female sex toy is one of the most classic female pleasure toys, which makes it one of our best-sellers! These new vibrators for women have a number of functions to massage your erogenous zones (like the G-spot) or titillate your clitoris at the same time to open up the doors to paradise! These new masturbators are the perfect female sex toys if you love double stimulation.

New vibrating knickers

If you love experiencing discreet pleasure and remotely-controlled sex toys excite you to no end, then you'll be more than satisfied by our new vibrating knickers. The new vibrating knickers have small and light minimalist design and can be used, for the most part, with a handy remote that lets you control the intensity of the vibrations from a distance. Some models of our new remote control vibrating knickers also have a clitoris-sucking feature as well as a built-in dildo to add a bit of spice to your cheeky sessions by increasing your pleasure.

New realistic dildos

The realistic dildo is a female sex toy that perfectly replicates a man's erect penis . Its primary function is to simulate the feeling of penetration with back-and-forth thrusting action. Our range of new dildos offers models that are even more realistic in both appearance and touch. In some cases, you'll feel like you have a real penis between your hands.

The new dildo models have new and innovative features that will help you experience an amazing penetration session. Ejaculating dildos, double penetration dildos, vibrating dildos, strap-on dildos, suction-cup dildos, large dildos, etc. You'll definitely find the right dildo for living out your most unforgettable fantasies!

New clitoris stimulators

A clitoris stimulator is a female sex toy that you can use for your solo sessions or with your partner and is perfect for women who love cunnilingus. The advantage of a clitoris stimulator is that it has a combination of features, so you can customize your session each time. The main female pleasure organ is the clitoris and our new clitoris stimulator models have been designed to titillate, massage, and excite this erogenous zone! Our clitoris stimulators come in incredibly original designs: clitoris stimulator with vibrating tongue, clitoris stimulator with a sucking and vibrating function, clitoris stimulator with dildo, clitoris stimulator with pleasure nubs, etc.

New sex toys for men

Are you a sexually voracious man who loves intense sensations and is looking to satisfy your very cheeky urges and sexual needs? You'll definitely find what you're looking for among our new categories. In general, sex toys for men are categorized into 4 types: the masturbator, the inflatable doll or “love doll”, dildos, and the anal plug.

New masturbators

Let's start with the unparalleled masturbator, which has an essential place among our range of male sex toys. Known as one of the best-selling sex toys, the male masturbator revolutionizes manual masturbation! The male masturbator is for men of all kinds (bisexual, straight or gay) who are looking for an effective masturbation accessory for a moment of orgasmic pleasure! Our latest masturbators have incredibly innovative features for improved quality and satisfaction.

Realism, efficiency, and user-friendliness are the essential characteristics for a high-performance masturbator.

Automatic masturbators, vibrating masturbators, heated masturbators with vocal features, thrusting masturbators, pussy pocket masturbators,...with so much choice, you'll definitely experience a totally insane amount of new orgasmic pleasure.

New dildos

There is no real difference between a dildo for a woman and a dildo for man, aside from the type of sensations felt during use and the way they are used. Certain dildo models for women and realistic dildos for men are different with respect to colour, material, size, features, etc. Gay men love our dildos, especially our strap-on dildos, as our new range of dildos are designed with incredible authenticity in mind! They feature bulging veins, a super-soft skin-like material, well-crafted testicles, a fat tip – everything you need for a totally torrid masturbation session!

New realistic inflatable dolls

Highly appreciated by the male kind, realistic inflatable dolls offer a totally unique kind of masturbatory experience. With a sex doll, anything is possible: anal sex, doggy-style, deep throat, titty wanking – you name it. On top of satisfying your every fantasy, an inflatable doll sex toy will give you out-of-the-ordinary sexual experiences!

Depending on the model of the sex doll, you can choose from three available orifices: a mouth, a vagina, and an anus. For our new realistic inflatable sex dolls, Love and Vibes have focused on quality and realism to help you achieve absolutely life-changing orgasms with your new love doll. Each doll is amazingly true-to-life, as these new blow-up love dolls have charming features to add a little something extra to your cheeky moments: a massive chest for the perfect titty wank, an open mouth for delicious fellation or deep throat (as you wish), and bendable limbs so that you can pose them in any position that you'd like for intense penetration. 

"A ultra-realistic female body to join you for cheeky'll love this virtual sex goddess!"

New anal plugs

This sex toy for men is loved by gay men as well as straight couples. The anal plug or “prostate plug” can be used to dilate the anus to massage the man's P spot to increase pleasure during ejaculation. The prostate plug is a sex toy for gay men or a sex toy for couples which comes in a number of different colours and sizes depending on the brand's imagination. A vibrating prostate stimulator, anal plug with massaging beads, anchor-shaped anal plug, XXL-sized prostate stimulator, remote control anal plug, anal plug with cock ring – the list goes on and on. Any occasion is the right one to enjoy the creativity of our sex toys. Our new anal plugs will definitely make your head spin. Now all that's left is to choose the right male sex toy for you and your partner. Pleasure is right at the tip of your fingers.