Deep vagina inflatable doll
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Cynthia legless posed sex doll
Katrina sexy TPE sex doll 4’9”

Vibes-Doll® is a realistic and intimate brand that features a large selection of silicone and blow-up dolls. The Vibee-Doll collection has ultra-realistic products that look and feel just like the real thing, with its realistic details that look just like the real thing.

The LOVE AND VIBES online sexshop carries a wide-range of sex dolls: silicone male dolls, blow-up gay dolls, blow-up transsexual dolls, latex dolls, silicone female dolls, seated, standing, transparent…we truly have a doll for every taste!

LOVE AND VIBES wants you to find the doll of your dreams, and is constantly adding quality products to the Vibee-Doll collection. Discover all of our most popular dolls in the Vibee-Doll collection!

The Vibee-Doll collection

You’ll absolutely love our collection of realistic, affordable blow-up dolls on the erotic on-line boutique.

The vibrating blow-up doll:

Our vibrating blow-up dolls have a little something extra compared to our other dolls, which any man would love: her vibrating function!
These dolls feature a remote control and vibrating egg in the orifice. You can switch between the different vibration modes of our gorgeous vibrating inflatable dolls, which will deeply titillate your intimate areas during sex. With our realistic vibrating blow-up dolls, your sex sessions will reach a whole new level!

The inflatable transsexual doll:

If you like being penetrated more than penetrating yourself, our inflatable transsexual dolls are the perfect dolls for your pleasure! These inflatable transsexual dolls are the perfect fit for anyone: men, women, or gay couples. These dolls have a magnificent pair of breasts, an anus, a vagina, and a fully erect penis. These inflatable transsexual dolls have been especially designed to fulfil all of your fantasies, even the steamiest ones!

The transparent inflatable doll:

The Vibee-Doll brand features out-of-the-ordinary dolls, including our transparent inflatable dolls! Its totally transparent dolls make it possible to watch your own erection go in and out of the dolls orifice, which will make you incredibly excited. Transparent inflatable dolls are an incredibly sexy type of doll that you just have to try!

The blow job doll:

If you like intense fellatio, our blow job dolls will give you the pleasure of letting you come inside their mouths! With their pulpy lips and greedy little tongues, our blow job dolls will give you absolutely intense head. These dolls are just waiting for one thing: gobble your penis and enjoy the powerful back-and-forth action.

The inflatable black doll:

As sexy as they are realistic, our inflatable black dolls are a delight for your penis! Her dark skin tone will turn on the imagination of any man. Our inflatable black dolls have a number of features to turn you on!

The seated sex doll:

The Vibee-Doll collection has it all! Both unique and exciting, our seated inflatable dolls will let you vary your pleasure to enjoy any position that you’d like! Its seated position makes it all the easier to enjoy absolutely incredibly penetration. Enjoy incredibly intense penetrative pleasure with our seated inflatable dolls, to enjoy new positions that you would’t be able to experience with a standing sex doll!

The standing sex doll:

Charming and voluptuous, our realistic standing dolls will give you the most intense pleasure! These dolls have been specially designed to satisfy you! There are no limits when it comes to using our standing sex toys, as they can be used to fulfil any of your fantasies: fellatio, doggy-style, missionary, ass play, titty wanking, etc. Our realistic standing sex dolls have everything that you need for an incredibly satisfying sexual experience.

The inflatable male doll:

Sex dolls are not just for men! The Love and Vibes sex shop carries a number of male blow-up dolls. With their erect penises (in some cases, vibrating), our inflatable male dolls will penetrate you and cares your most erogenous zones! Both gay men and straight women will love these ultra-realistic dolls.

The Love and Vibes online sex shop also features a number of silicone dolls:

The realistic silicone doll:

The best model of sex doll on sale on our Love and Vibe sex boutique is our realistic silicone sex dolls! Their incredible realism and multiple stimulating details (large breasts, long hair, sensual body, sexy curves, etc.) will make you lose your head, as they’ll feel just like real women. If you want to experience a pure moment of ecstasy and get off as if you were with a real woman, look no further - our affordable silicone dolls are just for you!

The blow-job silicone sex doll:

Our silicone sex dolls are the perfect toys for delicious fellatio! Many of models can welcome your impressive penis into their mouths - even highly impressive penises, measuring up to 6 inches, for absolutely delicious pleasure. This sexy blow job silicone doll will become your favourite doll for torrid evenings.