Absolute Fuck

Realistic Vibrating Vagina and Ass
Realistic Silicone Vagina & Ass
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Realistic 16.5lb Silicone Vagina & Ass
Realistic Doggy-Style Vagina & Ass
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Doggy-style male ass masturbator
Realistic Male Torso with Penis & Anus
Alex male torso with large penis
Super-Size 36-Pound Silicone Sex Doll
Realistic Vagina & Ass with Spread Legs
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Realistic divine blow job stroker
Back in stock on 11/06/2020
Vagina & Dildo Masturbator
Back in stock on 29/07/2020

With our Absolute Fuck brand, male solo pleasure is the name of the game.

This brand features vagina and ass masturbators that realistically simulate the sensation of penetration during intercourse.

Under the brand name Absolute Fuck, LOVEANDVIBES commercialises different types of realistic ass masturbators, life-size torso dolls with a vagina, anus and/or breasts and mega masturbators that are detailed replicas of male or female genitalia (breasts, vagina, ass and penis). Most of our realistic masturbators are designed to satisfy the greatest number of our customers and allow you to try different positions. Some of our masturbators can only be used from behind (doggy-style or anal sex), while others can be used the way you like it most. For an even more realistic and authentic solo pleasure session, add a vibrating bullet or a hole warmer.