Blue Penis Pump with Silicone Vaginal Orifice

Blue Penis Pump with Silicone Vaginal Orifice
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  • Length : 22 cm
  • Colour : Blue
  • Diameter : 2.25 in
  • Material : PVC
  • Non-Vibrating
  • Battery-Less
  • Water Resistant
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This blue penis pump features a super soft and realistic silicone vaginal orifice. The pump is incredibly easy to handle and use. This pump not only increases the size of your penis, it also feels absolutely amazing. Thanks to the powerful vacuum effect, your penis will increase in size, becoming mightier than ever before. This pump also increases the sensitivity of your manhood, making sex more stimulating.

Plunge yourself into the soft and comfortable silicone vaginal orifice and enjoy the ecstasy of pumping up the size of your rock hard rod.

This penis-enhancing pump will increase the size of your member – in the most pleasurable way!

This penis pump is 28 inches long in total. The shell alone measures 8.75 inches long and has a 2.5-inch diameter. The manly electric blue colour gives this toy a modern, sleek look. Best of all, the shell is transparent, so your pole with grow before your very eyes.

The super-soft silicone sleeve perfectly replicates the look and feel of a real woman’s vagina.

A user’s guide for this penis pump

Once you’ve received your penis pump, there is a bit of assembly required. No need to worry – it’s super simple to put this toy together. First, insert the vagina insert into the blue shell. Attach one end of the hose component onto the main shell, and the other end to the pumping mechanism. Now you’re ready to use your pump! Assembly takes less than a minute.

Plunge your stiff pole into the vagina orifice to enjoy a stimulating intimate massage. To create a vacuum effect, press down on the pump, pulling the piston with your fingers. Once a vacuum effect is achieved, you’ll feel an increase of blood flow to your penis, which will temporarily increase its size. To stop the vacuum effect, simply press the black button on top of the pump. The pressure will decrease immediately. This sturdy pump is well-crafted and incredibly easy to use.

Gain a massive member in no time flat!

This penis enlarger will strengthen the quality of your erection, making your member thicker and longer than you ever thought possible. Its powerful pumping mechanism increases blood flow to your genital area, making your erection rock hard. LOVE AND VIBES also carries a selection of clear, colour-less penis pumps, like our Piston-Powered Penis-Enlarging Pump.

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