Why is autumn the best time to make love?

Posted on 16 October 2019 by Heidi
Why is autumn the best time to make love?

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You don't need Google to know that autumn is here. Leaves are falling, the wind is blowing hard, the sun has sailed away, temperatures are gradually dropping, we all agree that EVERYBODY has felt these seasonal changes. As we know, the return of the cold often plunges people into a chronic depression which they find difficult to cope with. But nevertheless, autumn is indeed the only season that acts favourably on our libido and our sex life! Yes it is, we assure you that this is true. Explanations.

The libido is at its peak!

As a reminder, the libido is characterised by the sexual desire a person feels to engage in sexual activity. And this same libido would therefore increase in autumn? You find this hard to believe? And yet it is indeed the case.

What people don't know is that autumn is the season when testosterone levels are at their peak, in both men and women! According to various studies, there are many reasons for this: there may be a distinction with the periods of animal mating which often take place in September or October, or there may be a drop in brightness which stimulates the production of this hormone.
But these are not the only reasons.

In summer, we don't like to make love because it's hot, we sweat, the heat can quickly become stifling etc, but in autumn you can forget all these inconveniences! This is one of the reasons why couples make love more often when the temperatures drop and the environmental factors are more pleasant.

The arrival of the cold makes you want to cuddle!

Who says autumn necessarily says everything that goes with it: romantic comedy, plaid, hot chocolate, big duvet etc. And it's exactly all those little details that seem trivial but make you want to stick to your half and cuddle to warm up... It's well known, the first cold of winter makes people more romantic and therefore more inclined to have sex!

This setting is much more conducive to sex than in the middle of August with the fan at maximum and the ambient heat which doesn't necessarily make you want to be even hotter... It's well known, being cold unconsciously makes you want to get closer to your partner by snuggling up against the heat of your body to watch a good film under the duvet...

No need to deny it, we all did it! Autumn is clearly THE season to boost your sex life! And if you want to warm up the atmosphere of your sexual activities even more, the use of sextoys is highly recommended! As a couple, you will be able to indulge in intense pleasures thanks to a rosebud, a strap-on dildo, vibrating panties and even a couple vibrator!

And if you are single, then a solo pleasure with a dildo or a male masturbator for example can quickly raise the temperature. So cuddling and sex is much more passionate when it's cold!

Although studies also prove it, it is also noticeable that cold triggers in most people this burning desire for warmth, in any form: bringing the bodies closer together, a hot drink, a warm room etc. This need for human warmth also encourages people to be more cheerful and warm, which is much appreciated by those seeking affection .

Autumn favours the baby boom!

According to many studies, November and December are the most fertile months. These months, and December even more so, are the most favourable times to conceive a child! That's why nine months later, in August and September, birth rates have reached record highs!

In addition, the heat plays on the concentration of sperm in men, which means that during August it is at its lowest, but as soon as November arrives it regains all its vigour!

In autumn, relationships warm up!

The summer period is the one which counts the most break-ups or "simple love affairs", all ages combined, even if students and young teenagers are more concerned by this analysis. While during the autumn, status changes are more frequent, which again means that autumn plays unconsciously (and positively!) on people's love relationships and private lives.

During the autumn, bodies tend to warm up more and become inflamed more quickly, which undoubtedly triggers a rise in desire and an increase in the number of people entering into relationships. So if you are alone, stop moping and go in search of your loved one!