Top 3 Best Sex Toys for Women that You Must Try!

Posted on 17 January 2019 by Jade

The secret has been out for years now – women absolutely adore sex toys! These sexual toys come in a number of different models, so every woman can find the orgasmic toy of her dreams. While every sex toy delivers a different kind of pleasure, there are 3 sex toys for women that stand out from the rest, and have become our best-selling devices for torrid solo pleasure!

#1 Remote control sex toys: vibrating knickers and vibrating g-strings!

Discreet and easy to handle, our vibrating knickers and vibrating g-strings are sex toys for women that we just can't keep in stock, as they are the perfect sexual objects to spice up your libido!

Our vibrating knickers are super versatile, as they can be used for vaginal, clitoral, and anal stimulation. We prefer remote control vibrating knickers, as you can hand the remote control over to your partner; that way, you won't know when the knickers will work their magic, which makes for a totally sexy surprise! This very cheeky sex toy for women can be used discreetly in public, as you can wear it underneath your clothes. Your erogenous zones will enjoy the intense stimulation given by these orgasmically powerful super-toys! We even offer incredibly unique and feminine models that look just like an animal or an object, like our famous hands-free rotating-dildo shell vibrator, which will seduce any female sex toy fan.

Our vibrating g-strings have the same sexy features! The vibrating g-string will titillate your intimate areas, taking you instantly to seventh heaven with their out-of-this-world oscillations. If you want to control your toy remotely, we recommend that you opt for a wireless remote control vibrating g-string

#2 The thrusting sex toy: the famous rabbit sex toy!

Made famous by Sex and City, the Rabbit vibrator is a vibrating dildo that stimulates both the clitoris and the vagina at the same time. This thrusting vibrator has a vibrating dildo to stimulate your vagina while the toy's bunny ears titillate your clitoris. You'll love exploring all the of the different rabbit vibrators available:

  • The thrusting Rabbit vibrator: if you want to experience penetration that feels even better than the real thing, our rotating and thrusting 12-speed rabbit vibrator is a must-have toy! This rabbit vibrator's 12 speeds and 4 thrusting modes will introduce you to absolutely extreme sensations. Experience pleasure like you've never felt before with this thrusting rabbit vibrator.

  • The rotating vibrator: if you want to add a touch of originality to your solitary pleasure, our XL sensor control USB-rechargeable rabbit vibrator will take your breath away. You'll love its ultra-modern design, 3 vibration speeds, and 10 vibration modes. This XL rabbit vibrator will stimulate your G-spot and your clitoris to help you achieve an incredibly powerful orgasm. Plus, this rotating vibrator has a delightful audio feature. It will vibrate to the sound of your moans and/or voice, or to the rhythm of the music in the background, for a totally torrid experience!

  • The heated rabbit vibrator: this innovative vibrator will let you experience the heat of a real man's erection while stimulating your vagina and clitoris at the same time. This heated rabbit vibrator is a must-have sex toy for your pleasure chest! The heated rabbit vibrator will warm up your torrid nights, while satisfying your carnal desires. Recently, Love and Vibes has released a new rabbit vibrator that will definitely catch your eye: the Amanda pulsating & vibrating rabbit-style sex toy! Unlike other rabbit dildos, this pulsating rabbit sex toy has two features that can be combined: pulsations in the shaft area and absolutely amazing vibrations! This pulsating rabbit sex toy will make your whole intimate area feel amazing!

#3 Clitoral stimulator: a 100% feminine sex toy!

As its name suggests, the clitoral stimulator is a toy that is dedicated to clitoral pleasure! Our clitoris stimulators will massage and titillate your erogenous zone, to give you a totally intense clitoral orgasm! Our clitoral stimulators will make you come in a matter of minutes thanks to the suction action on your clitoris. You've never felt such intense clitoral pleasure before! This clitoris vibrator both sucks on your clitoris and delivers incredible vibrations to your intimate area.

For example, if you'd like a clitoris vibrator with many features, the Vibee-Lover orgasmic clitoral stimulator is the ideal toy for you!  With its 3 different heads, 30 suction modes and 3 speeds, this orgasmic clitoral stimulator is a true orgasm machine! This no-contact clitoris stimulator will deliver sucking sensations your clitoris and emit pressure waves to make you come faster than ever before.

If you love vibrations, then you'll want to add our clitoris-stimulating suction vibrator to your wish-list. This clitoris-sucking vibrator both sucks your clitoris and features a vibrating shaft for vaginal penetration! With so many features, this suction-action vibrator will drive you mad with desire.