Top 3 sex toys for gay men

Posted on 29 May 2020 by Alex

Gay men may be the most open group of people when it comes to sex, and especially sex toys! Gay men have very active sex lives and insatiable libidos. Sex toys for gay men can be used before, during, and after your sex session to spice up your sex life To help you choose from our wide range of toys, let us tell you all about our top 3 sex toys for gay men!

#1 Prostate stimulator: say hello to a prostate orgasm!

The prostate stimulator is a must-have sex toy for gays! This anal sex toy will make you ejaculate more than you ever have before! Our prostate massagers are incredibly easy to use, simply insert the shaft (the rounded area) into your anus and guide it upward until your find your prostate. Thanks to the shaft, you can move this anal masturbator however you’d like to easily stimulate your p-spot for a powerful orgasm! There is no better way to stimulate your prostate, and we carry a very large range of prostate stimulator to give you all of the pleasure you’re looking for. Here are a few anal masturbators that you may enjoy:

- The p-spot prostate stimulator: this prostate vibrator offers men double stimulation! While the shaft titillates your prostate, the vibrating texture area will titillate your testicles. The best part of this prostate masturbator is the bumpy shaft with varying diameters, which makes this the perfect anal sex toy for both beginners and experienced ass play aficionados.

- The vibrating prostate stimulator: with its 7 vibration modes that you can control with a wireless remote control, this anal masturbator will massage your prostate, delivering it intense vibrations to strengthen your erections! With this prostate masturbator, you’ll achieve absolutely unforgettable prostate orgasms!

- The inflatable vibrating prostate plug: this inflatable, vibrating anal sex toy will intensely stimulate your prostate! At 4 inches long with a 1-inch diameter, this prostate stimulator has an undeniable advantage: it has a squeeze bulb that lets you inflate the sex toy! This feature lets you increase or decrease the diameter of dilation. With the squeeze bulb, your anus will be fully dilated, as your prostate is gently titillated, while all of your other erogenous zones are stimulated by the erotic powers of the vibrations! 

#2 Anal plug: taste the pleasures of discreet anal pleasure!

The anal plug is an anal sex toy that is inserted i the anus to stimulate the anal canal as well as all of the surrounding areas. This is the perfect toy for increasing your pleasure and for making your ejaculation longer and more intense. The anal plug is a sex toy for gay men that can be used for solo play or couple’s fun.

- If you’d like to feel intense vibrations in your anus and gentle pressure against your testicles, our vibrating anal plug is just what you need! With its authentic texture and 1.5-inch diameter, this anal plug for men will caress your prostate for a delicious massage with its double cock ring, which will squeeze your penis and testicles to make your erection even more vigorous! But that’s not all - this vibrating anal plug has small pleasure nubs that will titillate your perineum for a totally exciting pleasure session!

- If you prefer more intense anal dilation, pleasure yourself with this XXL-sized anal plug! With its lovely egg shape, its 4.75-inch length and 2.5-inch diameter, this XXL-sized vibrating anal plug is the perfect fit for your anatomy, offering totally new sensations! It features a remote control that lets you adjust the intensity of the vibrations, for a totally dilated rectum. This XXL-sized anal plug is meant for fans of extreme sensations, as it is the largest anal plug that Love and Vibes offers!

- For men who haven’t explored anal pleasure yet, we recommend starting with an anal plug to prepare your backside for more intense pleasures. Enjoy delicious new anal sensations with an anchor-shaped anal plug, which, thanks to its small size (4 inches long with a 1-inch diameter) is an excellent toy for beginners! Its small cone shape make penetration easy. The anal rosebud plug is a true anal jewel that has several functions: it will beautify and titillate your anus for the ultimate in prostate pleasure! The advantage of the rosebud is that you can wear it all day long. Wearing this plug will stimulate your anal walls whenever and wherever you’d like.

#3 Anal dildo: take control of the situation or submit yourself to pure pleasure!

If you’re looking for a sex toy for gay men, you can do no better than an anal dildo. Our dildos for gay men are best-selling toys that will satisfy any man, especially since we carry an incredibly wide variety of different dildos! Our range of anal dildos may make choosing the right model difficult, especially if you’re using an insertable toy for the first time and don’t know where to turn. 

If you’re using a dildo for the first time or you’re not used to anal penetration, we recommend that you choose a small suction-cup dildo. With a standard length of 5.5 inches and a 1-inch diameter, this anal dildo will satisfy any person who’d like to discover anal penetration. It will easily glide into your orifice for incredibly satisfying stimulation.

If you prefer more extreme sensations, our king-sized anal dildo will make you tremble with pleasure! This very thick, black dildo is 9 inches long with a 2-inch diameter, to dilate your anus for a maximum amount of sensations! Its large size will be the perfect fit for your anal walls, delivering absolutely delectable sensations.