The 3 best sex toys for men

Posted on 2 June 2020 by Jade

Whoever said that men couldn't enjoy sex toys too? Contrary to popular belief, sex toys for men are just as popular – if not more popular – than sex toys for women. To guide you through the vast jungle of sex toys, we've made up a list of the three best male sex toys!

#1 - Artificial vaginas and silicone busts: sensations that feel just like the real thing!

Among our top-selling sex toys for men, you'll find our artificial vaginas and silicone busts!

The artificial vagina masturbator is a realistic masturbator in the realistic vagina and ass category that men just love! A realistic ass or vagina masturbator lets you penetrate a fantastic lifelike butt or deep vagina, which features a real-to-the-touch texture. Our vagina and ass masturbators are often made of silicone, which has an authentic look and luxurious feel, for sensations that feel just like the real thing.

The undeniable advantage of a vagina and ass masturbator is that they come in many different varieties: if you enjoy ass sex, you'll love our realistic anal sex masturbators, for absolutely incredible anal penetration. If you prefer vaginal penetration, opt for an artificial vagina masturbator. We even carry artificial vagina masturbators with enormous breasts for an absolutely orgasmic titty wank session, like our male masturbators with breasts, vagina & anus.

The silicone torso is a bust masturbator that has been specially designed for maximum pleasure! These toys feature gorgeous breasts, one or two holes to penetrate, and a voluptuous butt, for intense solo sessions. You'll love our silicone busts, like our striking lifelike silicone torso with anus vagina & breasts: penetrate the different orifices in any position that you'd like, as you tease and nibble her nipples. Let your imagination run free!

Our bust sex toys for men have a number of exciting features for a penetration experience that will bring you to the gates of sexual paradise in no time. Our toys perfectly replicate the look and feel of a real woman to satisfy your sexual needs and give you pleasure like you've never felt before.

#2 Realistic sex doll – vary your sensations!

Our blow-up dolls combine 3 different orifices to maximize your pleasure and true-to-life sexual stimulation: a mouth, a vagina, and an anus. With a realistic sex doll, you'll enjoy very exciting solo pleasure in the company of a sexy woman with a killer bod. The perfect toy to spice up your sex life, sex with this doll will feel just like the real thing, making each sex session better than the last.

Not all of our luxury inflatable sex dolls have the same features, as some are only designed for anal or vaginal penetration, like our best-selling blow-up doll Alison, who loves to get nailed in her deep, welcoming vagina.

Our other erotic dolls offer a delicious blow job session or sensational titty-wank session, like our lovely vibrating blow job doll Amber

#3 – Masturbator - experience unparalleled solo action!

The male masturbator is a revolutionary sex toy for male masturbation! The thrusting masturbator lets you enjoy a satisfying masturbation session without having to move a finger. Simply insert your penis into the masturbator orifice and enjoy the automatic thrusting action! Not all masturbators for men have the same features, and we feature many different models:

  • The vibrating masturbator is a masturbator that offers a man a number of different vibration modes, up to 50 depending on the model you've chosen, like the telescopic vibrating and thrusting masturbator! These orgasmic functions lets you enjoy intense manual thrusting action for an intense orgasms. Customize your pleasure with the different vibration modes: slow, pulse, triple thrusting, etc.

  • An automatic masturbator perfectly reproduces the feeling of real back-and-forth thrusting movements, as if you were using your hand. No effort is required: the thrusting masturbator will do all of the work for you to give you an explosive orgasm. Try our automatic thrusting masturbator for a delicious penis massage.

  • A suction-cup masturbator, also known as a “hands-free masturbator”, is a male masturbator that you don't even need to hold. Simply stick the suction-cup base of your hands-free masturbator onto any flat surface to enjoy an ultra-intense masturbation session. The advantage is that while the suction-cup masturbator is working its magic on your penis, your hands are free to stimulate other parts of your body. Try our pivoting suction-cup vagina masturbator to experience the best solo session of your life!