How to Make a Male Masturbator

Posted on 15 February 2020 by Laura

The holiday season and the arrival of Valentine’s Day are the perfect occasion for solitary pleasures. There are many ways to satisfy your urges: using sex toys, hooking up with a sex buddy, watching porn, or making your own male masturbator! Can’t believe it? Read this article and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to make an affordable artificial vagina at home. Contrary to popular belief, making an artificial vagina sex toy is super easy!

What is an artificial silicone vagina?

A vagina masturbator or “artificial vagina” is an ultra-realistic sex toy that perfectly replicates the many features of a woman’s body, like the anus, the breasts, and the vagina. Usually made of silicone, a pussy stroker allows men to live out a number of fantasies, such as doggy-style, double penetration, ass play, titty wanking, to experience sensations that feel just like the real thing.

An artificial vagina is incredibly real to the eye and to the touch, and is waiting for just one thing: to be penetrated by your erect penis. The main advantage? A fake vagina can come in several different versions to satisfy any man: vagina with legs, pocket pussies, vibrating artificial vaginas, bust masturbators, or silicones busts, busts with thighs, authentically-designed torsos, double vagina-and-anus masturbators, and even more sex toys to give you original sensations!

The pleasures of an artificial vagina for men

Faced with such a wide range of fake vagina toys, you may ask yourself why someone would want to make his own artificial realistic vagina for men at home. Every man has his own reason. He might be ashamed to go to the sex shop and to answer a sales clerk’s questions: “What kind of sensations are you looking for? How thick is your penis? Do you prefer ass play, doggy style or missionary?” Not all men are comfortable with those kinds of questions, and may feel uncomfortable talking about their sexual preferences with a total stranger.

There is also the question of price, as certain pussy toys may be too expensive, while a homemade vagina masturbator could be a good alternative. It is important to note that an artificial silicone vagina may have “imposing” dimensions and can weigh up to 11 pounds - if you don’t have enough storage room in your place, its size might be a little inconvenient.

How to make the best pocket vagina

The Love and Vibes online sex shop has researched the many ways to create your own homemade artificial vagina that will feel totally realistic.

- Option 1: The first option requires a large cup or glass, as well as two sponges and a latex glove. Take the two sponges and put the latex glove between them, with the “fingers” facing downward, so that it looks like a hot dog. Then, simply insert the entire thing into the cup or glass and fold the latex glove down against the outer walls to keep your artificial vagina sex toy in place!

This option is one of the most popular, but if you don’t have a cup on hand, you can use a Pringles container, a tennis ball canister or even a plastic bottle! We recommend using a condom if you’d like to use the glass right away after.

- Option 2: You’ll need a towel, a latex glove, and an elastic. Place the towel down flat and put the glove on the upper corner of the towel, so that it hangs over the towel by about 2 inches. Roll the entire thing together, gently and with love.

Take the elastic and fold the overhanging glove over the towel. Use the second elastic to make your homemade pussy stroker tighter. You can also add some lubricant to the inside of the stroker to make it easier to insert your penis.

- Option 3: You’ll need a pot (plastic, metal or metal, but not glass!), cotton, a stick (or cucumber!), a rope, a dishwashing glove, and lubricant. Put the glove inside of the pot and put the stick inside of the glove so that it “stands up”.

Then, put the cotton against the walls of the pot and stick to fill it out. Then fold the ends of the gloves over the walls to keep your incredible homemade artificial vagina in place!

Making a homemade pussy stroker is easy, no? All of these options take only minutes to make. On top of being very easy and cheap, these options make it possible to create a homemade artificial vagina with everyday objects, so everyone can enjoy some solitary fun! Are you up for the challenge?