Are you insecure about the size of your penis?

Posted on 15 January 2020 by Léa

Thanks to the incredible popularity and availability of online porn, men are becoming increasingly insecure about the size of their penis, asking themselves if the size of their penis is normal. Porn can make women feel insecure as well, showing unrealistic depictions of “perfect” vulvas. What is the perfect size for a penis? Is a large penis an essential ingredient for sexual satisfaction?

Penis size: an important element of seduction

Penis size is one of the most frequent sources of insecurity for men, due to the the online porn revolution. Men tend to compare their own package with well-hung porn stars. To find out if the insecurity is justified or not, some biologists have looked into the matter and had a group women (who were all about 25 years old). Without thinking about it, in a matter of seconds, all of the women had to grade 3D models of naked men. The study showed that women are most attracted to men with large penises. The scientists chalk this result up to a purely “animal” instinct - prehistoric women may have chosen their partners based on penis size for the purpose of reproduction. But what is the deal in the modern day?

Is penis size important for pleasure?

On top of the question of who is the “biggest”, men are also convinced that their partner’s pleasure depends on the size of their penis. Are they right?
To answer this questions, scientists asked women about the importance of penis size when it comes to sexual pleasure and they came to following conclusion: 38% of the women who had already achieved an orgasm from vaginal penetration preferred penises measuring more than 6 inches, while 60% said that size didn’t matter to them.

Some figures:

While some men may panic while hearing these results and may already be measuring their penis, it is important to keep a few key figures in mind. While the worldwide average penis size is about 6 inches, white men have an average penis size of 3.75 inches (flaccid) or 5 inches (erect). Keep in mind that a 2.75-inch flaccid penis can reach up to 6 inches when rect. sIt all depends on the individual in question and his corpus cavernosum! 
If it can reassure you even further, know that the top two-thirds of the vagina do not have nerve endings, and most of a woman’s pleasure during sex will be from the clitoris and the bottom third of the vagina. A huge penis is not essential for a woman’s pleasure during sex. On the contrary, a too-large penis may even be painful for a woman during penetrative sex. Men who would like to have rev up the size of their penis may want to try out a penis pump or a penis sleeve from the Love and Vibes online sex shop.

The vulva complex

It’s not just men who are insecure about the look and size of their genitalia - some women are also worried about their downstairs area. Too large labia, asymmetrical vulva - some women might think that their genital area just doesn’t measure up! 
A well-known female hygiene product line was carried out in 2018, asking 1003 women what they thought of their vagina. 36% of the women admitted that they were insecure about the look of their vulva, while 62% couldn’t even describe their vulva or even say where it was located.
These kinds of insecurities could explain why nymphoplasty, or labioplasty, have become so popular in recent years. This surgical procedure consists in reducing the size of the inner labia of the vulva. In 2015, about 95,000 labioplasties were performed across the world, with the main reason cited being appearance. Porn actresses and their perfectly shaved vulvas have convinced everyday women that a bare beaver is the best option. Doctors agree: the perfect vulva doesn’t exist, and every woman has a special looking vulva all of her own, with its own special shape, size, and colour. There is absolutely no reason to go running to a plastic surgeon!