Aero Up Penis-Enhancing Pump

Aero Up Penis-Enhancing Pump
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Gel lubricant 50 ml and Toy cleaner 20 ml
Ejaculation delay spray
  • Length : 20,00 cm
  • Non-Vibrating
  • Colour : Blue
  • Diameter : 2.25 in
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Are you looking for a new kind of penile pleasure? Opt for our Aero Up Penis-Enhancing Pump, a unique toy that will increase the length and width of your erection while delivering absolutely mind-bending sensations.

This ultra-masculine toy features a transparent 8.25-inch long, 2.25-inch wide PVC tube that will warmly welcome your stiff cock.

Start squeezing the bulb to feel the vacuum effect working its magic on your massive member. The vacuum effect will increase blood flow to your bulging rod, temporarily increasing its size and making it rock hard!

Take Your Manhood to the Next Level with our Penis-Enhancing Pump

Our Aero Up Penis-Enhancing Pump will whip your manhood into shape while delivering an incredible amount of pleasure to your package. When you feel like your libido is fading, a brief session with this powerful pump will get you all sorted out. This pump will strengthen your erection and help you control your orgasms, for more satisfying sex sessions with your partner.

By using the pump before sex, you’ll increase blood flow to your pecker, making your throbbing beast all the more ready for battle. Get ready for an absolutely torrid thrusting session!

Feel the Pleasure of the Pump

This pump doesn’t only augment the size of your package – it also delivers super-sized pleasure each time that you use it. Just glide your garden snake into the PVC tube and start squeezing the bulb to create an exquisite vacuum effect. The vacuum effect will increase the flow of blood to this sensitive area. Not only will this pump stimulate your cock, you’ll also love admiring your newly-enlarged flesh flute in the transparent tube. 

Customer reviews
By jean
vou-voulez découvrir ce produit mais vous hésitez hésitez pas vous aller être heureux de se produit tré bon qalité prix livraison rapide sans aucun mention de l'article sur l'emballage